Add a Little Sparkle

Add a Little Sparkle

Simply sparkles

What can make the sunshine even better? Bright colours? Or sparkles…

We have already looked into the latest trends of pastels and vibrant colours, whilst sparkles may not be trending right now (we are sure they will at some point) they certainly add something special to your outfit.

You may be wondering what do to with your simple dress; you know it needs a little lift to take it from being ordinary to something a little special. If you’re not quite sure how to do this then add a little sparkle.

Often different types of jewellery can give you a subtle or quite purposeful lift but its not for everyone, you can tread a fine line with between not enough and simply too much.

The answer to this dilemma is shoes! With the right colours this is a great way to give your outfit the ideal lift without the fear of going over the top – and you can wear them for a wide variety of occasions.

Of course the cheaters way to add something a little special to plain shoes is to accessorise. These lovely little magic shoe clips really do help make the most of your existing shoes or give a lift to a simpler style that you have been looking at.

There really is no reason not to shine this summer so go on, give yourself a lift with a bit of magic and sparkle.