Comfortable Long Boots

Comfortable Long Boots

Womens Long Boots

Long boots, your best friend this winter?

Next to sandals in summer, the long boot in winter is a seasonal girl’s best friend. Always stylish, yet a practical, and a reliable winter wardrobe staple for many.

As with other forms of footwear, long boots come in many different shapes and sizes, more often than not you’ll end up with more than one pair, as you’ll want a smart leather pair for work or going out, and a cosy, comfy, slouchy pair for other days.

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We’ve always loved how you can mix and match your styles quite freely, as long boots can be really versatile. Whether it’s tucking in your favourite jeans or pairing with your cosy dress the pair of boots will complete the outfit.

It’s no longer the choice between black or brown – although these are still the classic favourites. Autumnal reds, tans and blues are very much in fashion but are also a nice change from the norm.

The smart long boot is certainly here to stay; ever fashionable it’ll take you from winter to summer, time and time again.

Not only do long boots come in different styles but materials too. Leather has always been the trusted favourite amongst many, with its touch of luxury and style. There are also some lovely synthetic boots that provide style and great value.

Our top picks can be seen below, our favourites are the quilted boots and the faux fur cuffs!

Do you have a favourite pair of long boots that you love to wear? Tell us more!

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