Fashionable Flat Shoes

Fashionable Flat Shoes

Skyscraper heels or fashionable flats?

Tired of heels or simply fancy a change of fashion? Flats could be for you. The trend to move from towering heels to comfortable flat shoes has been emerging through 2014 as you may have seen.

Simply look at the latest fashion houses and film premiers and you will notice a decline in our peers wearing those skyscraper heels. Many have questioned why they need to suffer the pain of wearing heels; of course not all heels cause discomfort lots are designed to provide support in all the right places.

There are some great styles of flats emerging this season with a diverse mix ranging from pumps, brogues, moccasins and sandals.

Why not take a peek of our choice selection and see what you think.

Ankle straps – often dismissed by many as the strap around the ankle can make your legs seem shorter than they actually are. We say persevere, they are comfy and provide a good level of support and comfort as you are out and about.

Colours – who can miss the sheer number of vibrant colours out this season, making the flat sandal/shoe anything but boring.

Casual – very on trend at the moment are the casual flats, from trainers to loafers, both are great for a wide choice of outfits day and night.

Pointy – if you fancy a change from your rounded ballerina style pumps then take the point. As mentioned in our trend blog, pointy shoes are very fashionable at the moment, allowing you to blend fashion and comfort seamlessly.

Still in love with your heels? We don’t blame you, we love them too but at least you have a great choice if you fancy a day off.