Holiday Ready

Are you lucky enough to be jetting off and getting some winter sun? Then you NEED these new in sandals in your suitcase! The bright colours and smart styles are perfect for every occasion a holiday can throw at you and of course we have a selection of heel heights for you to chose from! What more could you need. If there was ever a reason to get a pedicure, this is it!


Black smart wedge


 Take a step back in time and go for some Hollywood glamour. Indulge in a classic, sophisticated style and complete your outfit with these black wedge heels. Keep your outfit monochrome for a sharp, clean look or go all out Hollywood glam, throw on THAT dress and dance the night away…well if you can’t dress up on holiday, when can you?

Holiday Wedge


Go wild with wedges. Make your outfit pop with these colourful sandals. Pair with maxi dresses, skirts or trousers and brighten up any outfit with the colours of summer. Feel instantly glamorous and let the pavement be your catwalk, whether you are in Monaco or Morocco.

Jewelled sandal1

Jewelled sandal2

We all enjoy exploring new cities and getting lost in distant lands and sometimes all that is needed is a pair of good flats. But who says flats have to be boring?! Jet away with some jewels that dazzle and shine. Lust over all three colour options (yes there’s three!), and let’s face it, if you get all three you have endless outfit options! We won’t tell.


1 - Black Wedge 

2 - Animal Print Wedge

3. Jewelled Sandal