Holiday Tips

Holiday Tips

Holiday Tips You Need To Know

The holiday season is upon us; we can feel the sun and smell the sea, the only fly in the ointment is the age-old art of suitcase packing.

Lets face it. we have all done it; we spend months finding the perfect holiday getaway, we then panic shortly before we are due to leave as we try to pack, check, and double check we have everything we need.

In the wonderful world of shoes we are well versed in travelling across the globe in the hunt for the latest comfort shoe designs and fashion. We thought we would combine and share the benefits of our wisdom to make things a little less stressful for you.

With our simple holiday checklist you will be able to make sure you are ahead of the holiday crowd and first onto the beach.

Our top tips:


  • A great way to beat the scales is to take an extra light suitcase, after all, a big heavy case just eats into how many shoes you can take! A word of warning though, make sure if you go for a light case that it can take the odd impact…
  • Planning to have a ‘wheely’ good time, is more the merrier? Think about how maneuverable your suitcase is. Two wheels often suit smaller cases whereas 4 help you manage larger cases. Always make sure you can carry the case for those gravelly times where you just get stuck as your wheels jam.
  • Are you hard or soft? When weight is important (isn’t it always!) bear in mind that whilst a hard case offers more protection it can add up to 10lb of extra weight


  • Make sure that you have what you need at the top of your suitcase for easy access, for example either your bathing suit or pajamas so you can hit the beach or your bed quickly. 
  • If you are travelling in a party consider splitting your belongings into individual cases, if one goes missing at least you stand a chance of having what you need.
  • It may seem logical but make sure you check the weather forecast of your destination before you set off. Do you need your waterproof trainers or your flip flops?
  • Shoes make great storage, you can put squashable clothes such as underwear, and you can put anything valuable/fragile in your favorite pair of boots to keep them safe. 
  • Remember to put your shoes in a plastic bag, this way you can wear them without getting anything in your suitcase dirty.


  • You can once again take more than one item of hand luggage through British airport security. Size restrictions are still enforced with no luggage exceeding 56cm (22in) x 45cm (18in) x 25cm (10in). This does include handles, wheels etc so make sure you check before you travel. For up to date information check the gov.uk website
  • The latest figures suggest that the airlines lost 42.4 million suitcases in the last year. Make sure that you carry anything of value into your hand luggage. If you do happen to loose any of your suitcases, take heart that roughly 85% is found within 48 hours

As we travel the globe on the hunt for comfortable shoes frequently we know a thing or two about what to pack. You can save a lot of space and weight with the choice of shoes and sandals that you decide to take. A good choice would be light yet robust, squashy yet stylish, ideal for those lovely evenings out.

A great versatile choice for your holiday are the Adesso range of shoes, light and flexible, you can wear them to the beach or if you are heading off the beaten track for a stroll.

Of course for those moon lit strolls down the promenade only a pair of gorgeous sandals will do, what better than our famous Fly Flot sandals if you are looking for sumptuous comfort or if it is bright and fashionable you are after the delightful Bellissimo range.

If you follow the little hints and tips above we can’t promise the weather but you will find getting away that little bit simpler.