Rieker Comfort Shoes

Rieker Comfort Shoes

Rieker Comfort Shoes

Introducing a brand famed for its quality and comfort.

Rieker shoes are renowned across Europe for their ability to combine style with comfort. It’s fantastic range of shoes are designed, and built with the unique features that makes its shoes strides ahead of the competition.

The company was founded in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany in 1874; it mainly produced shoes for affluent citizens of Northern Italy. Word of the shoes quality started to spread across Central Europe; it soon became a recognised household name that stood for comfort.

Since the company has grown – as has its reputation thanks to its unique innovations that provide optimal shoe comfort. Rieker antistress footwear is unique, there are many different technologies that go in to making a shoe, and many are trade secrets that only a privileged few are allowed to know.

The new range of comfortable shoes not only has the classic, refined styling the brand is known for but also amazing comfort.

Comfortable shoes

Every shoe from Rieker incorporates their own special construction, this uses lightweight and elastic components throughout, when these are used together they form Riekers antistress feature. Many attributes are enhanced functions that are brought in from key sportswear technology but added to Riekers contemporary style.

The main attributes to this feature are:

  • Minimum weight – allowing you to feel every step you take
  • Optimum shock absorption on varying surfaces – from pavers to pebbles, don’t let discomfort ruin your walk
  • Maximum reflexibility – moves with your foot to enhance the natural walking feeling
  • Roomier – space that gives your feet some freedom, the construction also allows your feet to expand through the day.

The Benefits

There are obviously many different benefits to having a clever shoe that provides comfort. Key to their use is versatility; they combine effortless style with functionality allowing you to stay in comfort through out the day whether you are shopping till you drop or simply going out with friends.

Where to buy

You can buy a good selection of Rieker footwear from Pavers shoes; simply click to start browsing our collection of comfortable shoes.

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