The Original Fly Flot

The Original Fly Flot

The Original Fly Flot – Made in Italy

We wanted to let you see it here first, the original Fly Flot is back!

Fly Flot is synonymous with sumptuous, long lasting wearing comfort. With legions of loyal followers there are plenty of rave reviews.

Fly Flot has been hand-making shoes for many years from its factory in Italy. It set out to make the most comfortable shoes that were in a league of their own – something it certainly achieved. In the past few months we have been working closely with the manufacturer to bring you the new, yet original Fly Flot footwear.

The new range of comfortable shoes not only has classic Italian styling but the astonishing comfort that the company built its name on.

From traditional designs to more contemporary inspirations with ornate embellishments, the new collection has it all. You can be sure that you will find your perfect shoe for the occasion.

Comfortable shoes

The level of comfort in a shoe can make a huge difference. We have all been there, we start the day off with a pair of shoes that we think will be comfy, only to later find that mid way through the day they start to rub, or their hard soles start to make your feet ache.

You can banish any thoughts if discomfort with Fly Flot, with their Light, Shock Absorbing, Anatomic, and Self Moulding soles the only thing you will know is comfort.

If you are wondering what an anatomic sole is, simply, it is a sole that is designed to mimic your foot. By moulding to the shape of your foot it can help alleviate typical pressure points, rather than moulding your feet to match the shoe, the shoe moulds to match your feet resulting in sublime walking comfort.

The Benefits

There are obviously many different foot ailments that Fly Flots can help make the symptoms easier, from diabetes, corns and calluses to bunions. Wearing a comfortable pair of forgiving shoes can really make a difference in your daily activities.

The soles are also designed to bring stability and balance, which is essential to maintain your muscular osteoarticular structure helping provide comfort whilst walking.

Where to buy

You can buy the full range of Fly Flot footwear from Pavers shoes; simply click here to start browsing our collection of comfortable shoes.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate from getting in touch by clicking here.