The Perfect Holiday Sandals

The Perfect Holiday Sandals

Panic stations?

No need just yet, there is still time to find the perfect pair of sandals for your holiday.

Often when we are in the rush to pack for our holidays we simply choose a pair of sandals that we wore last time around. With such great styles available there is no reason not to treat yourself for your holiday.

It is no longer a case of packing a dozen T-shirts, swimwear and flip-flops into your suitcase and hoping for the best. With stylish yet versatile sandals there is no reason why you cant look your best all the time – maybe leave the dozen t-shirts at home though! 

It is often said that you are never fully dressed unless you are wearing a great pair of shoes. Packing limitations are no reason why you can’t take great shoes on holiday, with many versatile shoes around you will be able to find a pair that you can wear for many different occasions. We have some useful holiday packing hints and tips take a look at our earlier holiday packing post.

Here is a sample of stylish (simply click to view), yet practical shoes we have chosen (if we were going to go on holiday next week – which we’re not…) to help inspire you to find that perfect pair of sandals for your holiday.

Day wear – the versatile choice that can be worn whilst travelling as well as on holiday.

Hitting the shops – don’t forget comfort along with style

Down on the beach – more than just sand between your toes

Evening wear – for those simmering nights dining out