What Are Comfortable Shoes

What Are Comfortable Shoes

What is Comfort?

What are comfy shoes? Our top tips on finding them

As the season changes, so does the footwear. Many of us will be welcoming our heels with open arms but they can sometimes need to provide a little extra support to your feet where they need them most. We all know of course a comfortable pair of shoes can be the difference between holding a grimace and a smile our faces.

Comfortable Ankle BootWhen it comes to shoes you think of comfort, style, fashion, occasion. We understand style, fashion, and occasion as they are evident but what actually is comfort? This is largely subjective of course but comfortable shoes do have common traits.

You know comfort the moment you slip on a pair of shoes, they appear to envelop your foot, they support it in all the right places yet give freedom where you need it. They allow you to walk as if on air, true signs of a comfortable shoe. This can come from an aged pair you can’t throw away or a brand new pair you try on for the first time.

We are all agreed that comfort is of utmost importance; it’s the difference between hobbling around and being able to walk after a day at the shops – prior to having a long soak in the bath with your bubbles and favourite book.

Comfortable shoes also do not have to be boring; most women consider them as an extension to their personality, a commitment of style that will last all day. Comfortable does not mean dowdy, simply take a look at our other blog posts to see what we mean; comfort goes hand in hand with the latest trends.

To find your perfect shoes simply follow our handy tips below.

Know your feet – lumpy bits, high or low arches, wide or thin, they all form our feet. Understanding these features allows you to look at what pair of shoes will be the best fit for you. If you have bunions or painful tendons a comfortable and supportive shoe will be your ideal choice, not a strappy pair of high heel sandals – however much you may love them.

Comfortable Heel ShoesGetting a good fit – An extension of knowing your feet, getting the right shoes that fit around, and support your lumpy bits. Not all brands, shoe types, sizes are the same, neither are our feet. Find a brand that works for you but don’t be frightened of giving something new ago.

Don’t get the point - we know pointy shoes are in fashion at the moment but they don’t work for everyone, especially anyone with wide feet. The main reason is this type of shoe forces your feet into a position that might not be comfortable. Something with a rounded toe or even squared off will give you room to move.

Chunky heels – We all love stiletto heels – or at least the thought of them! They are however known to cause discomfort after extended wear, this is largely down to their small area to distribute your weight. If you chose a chunkier heel or a wedge you gain comfort but don’t lose the height – crucial to many of us!

Comfortable Flat Shoes

Look for flats – As we mentioned in our blog about fashionable flats, not only are they considered as the most comfortable form of footwear, they are highly fashionable too. Make sure you pay attention to your feet however, make sure they fit well and provide enough support where you need it.

Anatomic – If you are looking for the ultimate comfort you need to head in the direction of anatomic shoes. These are often contoured to offer support where you need it or they provide a ‘memory foam’ insole, which effectively moulds to the shape of your feet – therefore offering support where you need it and help relieve pressure points.

There are a number of accessories on the market to enhance the comfort of your shoes from memory foam insoles to foot arch support to name a few.