Womens Fashionable Handbags

Womens Fashionable Handbags

Bags, the girl’s best friend?

We love a bag, whether it is to match our shoes or an occasion, the bag sets the tone. Those who have asked can a girl have too many bags? The answer is certainly no!

We know you can only use one bag - mores the pity - at a time but there are so many different styles and occassions that a couple of bags is simply not enough, even if we usually carry the same things in them, make up, kitchen sink etc… you know who you are!

Although Pavers are traditionally known for our comfy shoes, we have an equally exciting array of bags, from satchels, clutch, and handbags, a great selection for your different needs and occasions. We have a blend of the latest fashion and those for more practical day-to-day use.

Where we can, we also love to pair shoes to bags so you can really finish your outfit off nicely.

We have recently had some gorgeous new bags come in for the winter season, with their bright and seasonal colours they are a great choice to hit the shops with, or if you prefer an ideal gift.

Womens Handbags

Womens Handbags


As we want to share the love of bags we are currently offering 20% off when purchased with any shoe (at the time of posting) so you can celebrate your love for bags and shoes at the same time for less! 

Tell us more about your favourite bag an its uses below.

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