Are You Stepping Comfortably?

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Are You Stepping Comfortably?

What’s in a shoe? As it turns out, quite a lot! Discover the secrets behind the comfort, with the shoes that don’t just look great, but feel great too…

At Pavers, we believe that every woman should own shoes that make them feel not only comfortable but confident too. We have been sourcing leading comfort shoes for nearly fifty years now and have come to curate a specialist checklist of key comfort factors. Every shoe that we sell goes through stringent tests to ensure the ultimate comfort for your feet.

Slip-On Sandals


Foremost, the shape of the shoe creates the form in which your foot can sit. We aim to create a comfortable silhouette in all our shoes so that the foot has ample room but is still supported and uplifted. A round toe shape is often regarded as the most comfortable, as it follows the natural anatomy of the foot. However, we venture to ensure that our almond and pointed toes are still abundantly comfortable and support the toes.
When it comes to sandals, stability is vital. We use a combination of strap widths and materials to create support and comfort, whilst providing you with stunning sandal profiles. We use wide elasticated straps to create easy pull-on styles, delicate buckles or touch-fastening points to create adjustable options.
When selecting heels, it’s important to bear in mind that it’s not just the height which can affect the comfortableness of the shoe. We showcase a large variety of different heel heights, shapes and sizes within our collections. Low block, stacked heels can be some of the most comfortable heels due to the increased surface area in which to apply pressure. Even with our higher, slimmer heels we still aim for increased support and stability by selecting shoes with a centred heel which will distribute the pressure evenly through the foot, and we aim for a larger surface area even in our slimmer heels.

Comfortable Sandals


At Pavers, we know you want to be active on your feet, so we place huge importance on flexibility and active wearability. We want to ensure added flex and movement within our sturdy, protective soles. Adding extra grip to the soles of our shoes increases traction and stability whilst you’re out and about in them. Some of our styles, especially every day active ones, feature shock absorption properties within the heel to diminish the force of impact as you step and move.

Slip-On Trainer Pumps


We offer a range of different width and calf fittings to ensure we can cater to a variety of fit needs. Our shoes and boots feature a range of cushioning from light support, to extensive underfoot cushioning with added arch support. We aim to offer a variety of cushioning levels so you can find your desired fit. Some of our shoes also feature a memory foam insole to create a moulded fit unique to your foot shape.

Slip-On Mules
Whether its winter boots, summer sandals or a special evening shoe, we aim to keep you comfortable, supported and of course stylish, whilst wearing Pavers. Our collections are hand selected based on our key comfort aspects, providing you with award-winning comfort and care with every step.