Bags Of Style

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Bags Of Style

Whether it’s tote, bucket, clutch, or a satchel, handbags are many people's guilty pleasure!

So why do we have such adoration for arm candy?  As we know accessories are a great way of adding a little interest or a pop of colour to an outfit.  Whether mixed or matched with your shoes or clothing, they’re just perfect for adding a finishing touch to that work day or evening attire.  Handbags are such a cost effective way of updating last season’s wardrobe or alternatively a luxury bag or purse can give an ensemble a classic finishing touch!

So what does your handbag choice say about you!



Perfect planner, you’re the girl who needs to carry all her life essentials with her!  You’re always ready for any emergency, the tote after all is the master for carrying all those important items! (everything but the kitchen sink!)




Ever the dreamer, you love the retro feel of the rucksack, you don’t worry about having the weight of the world on your shoulders, you just leave it all behind you, grab your bag and go!



You’re organised, just like your satchel with its multiple pockets you have a place for just about everything, and with its many self-adjustable straps you love to be in control, getting the fit just right!


 Cross Body Bag

The over the body bag, you’re busy, busy, busy! The practical princess, you’re always whizzing around juggling ten jobs at once, you’ve certainly got your hands full which is why you need the hands free option!



Get up and go girl! You’re non-materialistic and as long as you have the magic three: keys, purse and phone you’re happy! Small really is beautiful, less is more!

We’ve got to hand it to them, handbags we love you!

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