Behind the Scenes: Pavers TV Ad

Behind the Scenes: Pavers TV Ad

By now, we hope you’ve had a chance to see our new Pavers TV advert and shop the featured styles. Our new TV advert showcases many of the superstar styles, made with the best-selling comfort features, we’re known for at Pavers. 

A lot of work goes into creating a TV advert. From mapping ideas onto a storyboard, to organising production and filming on the day, to post-production when we edit the film into one advert – there’s plenty that goes on, both in front of, and behind, the camera. 

Want to find out what Debbie and the rest of the team got up to on the day of filming? We spoke to Andy Helme, working behind the camera, and Debbie Paver, starring in front of the camera, to find out what happened on the day. Join us for a sneak peek behind the scenes of the Pavers Summer 2022 TV advert. 

On Location

One of the standout features of our new ad (besides the shoes of course) was the stunning location. Set in and around a beautiful riverside house down in London, the set presented an exciting backdrop to showcase our shoes. 

It wasn’t without its challenges though. Finding space to set up bulky filming equipment inside someone’s home can be tricky. Not to mention the need for space to change outfits, for hair and make-up, and even space to make a cup of tea in between takes. It was a squeeze, but the team persevered and achieved some amazing results. 

“Our location was so inspiring! A boathouse on the Thames with lots of areas indoors & out to set up some great shots. Lots of scenes we filmed didn’t make the final cut, because we had to squeeze everything into a 30 second advert.”

--- Andy

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Hair and Make-Up

Before filming could begin, our models, Debbie and Rachel, had to spend some time with the stylist in hair and make-up to make sure they looked prim and proper in front of the camera. The stylist also picked out the clothes worn by the models in each scene. The clothes needed to strike the balance, of complementing our shoes without overshadowing them. 

“The stylist was so professional. She made sure our make-up was right and that our hair didn’t look like we’d just got out of bed!”

--- Debbie

Lights, Camera, Action

Once Debbie and Rachel were ready, it was time to film. There wasn’t a script for the models to recite in this advert. Instead, the ad features a voiceover, which was added over the top of footage at a later stage in the process. 

Since there wasn’t a script, the directions given to the models was more action based, such as “walk over to the garden gate,” or “arrange the flowers in the vase.” Sometimes the team achieved the desired shot in the first or second take. Other times, it took a while to get exactly what they were looking for. 

“My favourite scene to shoot was also the most challenging. In the final advert, the sandals change colour on my foot as I walk. It looks so effortless. But it was tricky to film because I had to walk in each different colour of the sandal, putting my foot in exactly the same place and position each time.” 

--- Debbie

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A Team Effort

The team faced other challenges on the day that had to be overcome. The biggest challenge: the U.K. weather. Typical! 

The aim was to shoot the Spring Summer collection in bright sunshine, which helps to make the product look just as good as it feels to wear. The weather had other ideas. On the day, it was cold and cloudy, so the team had to use several artificial lights to make the scene look bright and sunny. Throughout the day the clouds would break, bringing a burst of bright sunshine, and the team would scramble to film while the natural sunlight lasted.

“The main challenge was the lack of natural sunlight and strong wind. The last take, when we’re standing by the river, was particularly difficult. My hair was stood on end for at least eight takes…not a good look! The team were very patient and overcame the elements with artificial lights and great timing.”

--- Debbie

"My favourite scene to shoot was the end frame. All the models were jumping to put on their jackets between takes – but you’d never know on the final advert. It’s a great shot to sign off the ad. The ad embodies everything we’re about at Pavers: comfort, quality, and value. Overall, it was a team effort and well worth the time.”

--- Andy

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