Delve into our Shoe and Accessories Cupboard

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Delve into our Shoe and Accessories Cupboard

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! This is literally what comes to mind when we walk into our Aladdin's cave of a shoe and accessories cupboard. Rows and rows of sample shoes ready for the taking...well almost. Going in after the buyers have had their sample deliveries, we get the same excited feeling that you have when your a little kid creeping downstairs Christmas morning! 

After the long months of wearing thick heavy boots, seeing the bright colours and open toes peeping from the shelves is a treat! From stiletto heel to pumps, toe posts to wedges, it is a treasure trove of shoes. 

And we can't forget the bags. A woman can NEVER have enough bags. Trust us. We regularly test this theory. Bucket bags are having a massive comeback this season and we have enough clutches for even the biggest bagaholic.  


We've got our shopping list ready, anxiously waiting the first drop...get ready. Get set. Go! 

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