Find Wide Fit Comfort with Pavers

Find Wide Fit Comfort with Pavers

Here at Pavers, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. So, we make our shoes in a variety of sizes, widths and heel heights to ensure that you can find your perfect style. We all know the feeling of being at a great party, or having a productive day, and it being spoilt by the pain of uncomfortable footwear, and we are here to put a stop to it. With our selection of wider, extra-wide, dual and multi fitting shoes, your toes will never have to be pinched again. Discover our selection online or pop into your local store to try on our latest wide fit shoes and wide fit boots to discover true happiness for your feet.


Touch Fastening Mule Sandal


How do I know if I need wide fit shoes?

  • With a new shoe purchase do you always need to ‘wear them in’ and hope that they stretch with wear? This is a sign that you could need a wider fitting than you are wearing. The perfect fit should be comfortable straight out of the box, not after stretching.
  • Take them for a spin first! Never decide on a new shoe purchase sat down, without taking them for a few steps. Go for a little walk (on a soft surface such as carpet, to protect the soles, just in case you change your mind!). This will ensure that your feet are in their natural positioning; by doing this you will get a more accurate representation of how they will feel whilst wearing them out and about.
  • Consider the positioning of the ball of your foot within the shoe. This is the widest part of the foot and therefore will cause discomfort if it is not supported correctly. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, we would recommend you try a wider width fitting.
  • Do the wiggle test. Ensure that you can wiggle all of your toes within the shoes so that they have room to move and flex. If not, would recommend trying on a wider fitting or a size, or a half size, up.


How can wide fit shoes help?

  • Minimising the risk of blisters or corns. Tight shoes can often cause increased friction, which leads to irritating and painful rubbing. This rubbing can create sore blisters, which are painful and can take a few days to heel. In more serious conditions this can create corns or calluses. Wearing wide fit shoes that fit the foot comfortable will reduce the chance of this friction.
  • Bunion prevention. Although the real cause of bunions is still unknown, it is good practice to wear shoes which fit and support the footwell in order to minimise the risk of bunions and other foot problems. Wearing shoes which are too tight or do not fit correctly will eventually accelerate most foot problems. Wide fit shoes that fit your feet well will give you enough room to move and therefore reduce the chance of this.
  • Avoiding cramp. Foot cramp can be annoying, uncomfortable and can strike at any time. Shoes which are too tight can help to contribute to this as the muscles have less room to flex and move and can become tense and constricted. A wider fit shoe will ensure the muscles have enough room to relax, contract and flex naturally.
  • Reducing the chance of hammertoe. Hammertoe prevention starts with wearing quality, comfortable shoes. It is formed when shoes put pressure on the feet causing problems to develop around the joints and can lead to a mild deformity which gets continually worse. Wearing shoe styles which give the toes ample ‘wiggle room’ will reduce the chances of this happening.
  • Reducing the risk of infection. When shoes are too tight and the foot has no room to move, it often sweats more as there is poorer air circulation. Repeated foot sweating can lead to infection.





What are dual multi-fit shoes?

Dual and multi-fit shoes are adjustable to you. Varying from dual fitting to fully adjustable, our shoes, slippers and boots ensure that your foot feels as comfortable as possible with a unique fit. An ideal choice for those who suffer from fluctuating feet or swollen feet, these shoes can be fitted to your daily activities.


What are removable insoles?

Removable insoles are another way to help find your perfect fit. In some of our styles, the insole which your foot lays on in the shoe is removable. This means that extra insoles (such as our Memory Foam Insoles available here for £3), can be added underneath, adding more support and changing the fit of the shoe, whilst maintaining the feel of the original insole.  


A few of our favourite picks for each width fitting!


Standard = D

Lightweight Lace-Up Trainer
Wedge Toe Post Sandal

Wider = D/E

Touch Fasten Leather Sandal
Embellished Heeled Sandal

Extra Wide = E/EE

Lightweight Slip-On Trainer
Wide Fit Leather Court Shoe

Dual / Multi Fitting

Fully Adjustable Leather Sandal
Touch Fastening Full Slipper

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