Holiday Suitcase Staples

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Holiday Suitcase Staples

We’re not sure about you, but we’re dreaming of summer adventures ahead! So, whether you’re jet-setting to hotter climates or taking in the scenery on your summer stay-cation, we have the just the ticket for your sunny style destinations!

We’re thinking a spot of wishful summer shopping will banish the downpours and bring out the sunshine? *Lucky sun dance is optional*


The Season of the Sandal

No summer suitcase can be without your favourite pair of trusty sandals, so why not jump straight into oh-so-comfy style, the only beach-ready prep you’ll need (besides SPF) …


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AS27006 - Leather Mule Sandal


MUYA29005    BELBAIZH2315   SERAY29004  SERAY25005

Shoes Set for Summer

Our summer hot list of sun-ready shoes, style up your getaways with our ultimate go-to’s…


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METIN29016   WLIG29001   RANCH29000   WJINH27002


Accessorise Your Sun Chasing Adventures

You’ve booked the holiday, you've got the shoes, what better way to dazzle in the sun than matching accessories to complete your warm weather wardrobe?

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QIA29004   QIA29003      RICH27000   JEW29008


So what are you waiting for? Your sunny summer holidays are waiting for you... it's time to get packing! Don't forget to share your stylish summer snaps with us over on our Facebook page, we'd love to see where your Pavers style takes you!