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At Pavers Shoes we love our four-legged friends and to celebrate a number of our stores being dog friendly we asked a few of our Head Office team to tell us a bit about their furry companions. Find out what they had to say about their #PaversPooches.


George #PaversPooches

What is your name and role at Pavers Shoes?

My name is Kerry and I’m a Graphic Designer.

Tell us a bit about George

George is a Labrador Retriever. He’s 7 years old and his birthday is on the 30th September.

What are George’s favourite treats/toys?

George loves loves loves raw carrots!!!! But his absolute favourite treat is cheese!!!! He also loves cuddly/soft toys (especially his big owl).

Where’s your favourite place to go for a dog walk?

George loves being off the lead mooching around the woodland near where we live, he also loves a good swim, once he’s in the water I can’t get him out!! 

What’s George’s worst habit?

If anybody has food, he looks at you with his sad eyes (typical greedy Labrador).

Bentley #PaversPooches

What is your role at Pavers Shoes?

Head of Communications and Pavers Foundation.

Tell us a bit about Bentley

Bentley is a Golden Retriever. It’s hard to believe because he is such a gorgeous boy but we rescued him so it’s a struggle to define his actual birthday. However, the vet he was in the care of when we rescued him said his birthday was 12th November so I have always gone with that.

What are Bentley’s favourite treats/toys?

Bentley has more toys than his hand carved quality toy box will hold. Given the clues in his breed name, he loves to go and retrieve a toy, every time he is so happy & excitable. However, by far his favourite toy is a hedgehog named ‘Jiggy’ he is now on his 10th as he loves it that much!

Where’s your favourite place to go for a dog walk?

Bentley loves to walk and forage through woodland and he always likes to keep to the path… he’s clearly a very polite and respectful boy.

What’s Bentley’s worst habit?

He’s forever hungry!

Murphy #PaversPooches

What is your name and role at Pavers Shoes?

My name is Claire and I’m the Email Marketing Executive.

Tell us a bit about Murphy

Murphy is a cocker spaniel and he is 8 months old.

What are Murphy’s favourite treats/toys?

He loves rawhide treats and any toy that he can rip the stuffing out of – I think he is yet to have a toy that lasts longer than a week!

What’s your favourite place to go for a dog walk?

Murphy loves his little trips to our local playing field where he can run riot with other dogs, however he has to be chasing them or he turns into a wimp. He also enjoys his monthly trip to Hunmanby Gap which is about an hour away from where we live, he loves to run around in the sand and go in the sea.

What is Murphy’s worst habit?

Murphy is constantly acquiring socks; I have lost count of the amount of pairs we have lost now. He is clever and thinks he’s not being watched and then sneaks off and stashes them under his bed!

Memphis #PaversPooches

What is your name and role at Pavers Shoes?

My name is Mark and I’m Director of Operations.

Tell us a bit about Memphis

Memphis is a 3 year old Golden Retriever.

What are Memphis’s favourite treats/toys?

Memphis loves any kind of cuddly toy and always has to pick one up to greet you.

What’s your favourite place to go for a dog walk?

Memphis loves anywhere with water, so he loves the Lake District, Peak District, Knaresborough and more locally Beningbrough.

What is Memphis’s worst habit?

He gets over excited and jumps up at people!!!

Jack #PaversPooches

What is your name and role at Pavers Shoes?

My name is Mike and I am a Photographer.

Tell us a bit about Jack

Jack is a Fox Red Labrador and he’s 9 months old. His birthday is on the 27th October.

What are Jack’s favourite treats/toys?

Jack loves playing with squeaky balls, plastic water bottles and empty milk cartons.

What’s your favourite place to go for a dog walk?

Jack would find water in the desert! He loves walks by the river, and anywhere where he can run and meet other dogs. He’s very sociable on walks and thinks everyone wants to be his friend.

What is Jack’s worst habit?

Jumping up and stealing the butter from the kitchen work surface. He also likes to steal our packed lunches out of our work/school bags and eating the sandwiches including the foil. Salad fillings such as cucumber or lettuce are always left in the bags!


To find out which of our stores are dog friendly read our Dog-Friendly Pavers Stores blog.

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  • Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog about your Paverpooches. It is so refreshing to hear such positive stories about your companions and how they are so obviously loved and respected. If only all pooches were adored as much as yours obviously are. Thank you.

    Sue Brooks on
  • I loved the stories of pavers pooches. You seem to be real retrevers office. Its so wonderful to hear you love dogs and welcome them. I have a rescue dog from Croatia he had been a street dog a kind passer by rescued when he was being stoned poor boy. Hes such a happy loveing dog and he also is wanting everyone to greet him. He greets them if they want him to or not.He loves to run i think he’s part whippet. Same build Its also refreshing to hear you welcome dogs into your shops. Wonderful. Judith

    Judith o'Brien on

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