The Do-It-All Trainers

The Do-It-All Trainers

Now January is done and dusted, we need the mood-boosting footwear that will step us through those in between days as we eagerly await the arrival of sunshine! 

As luck might have it, we have an array of super fashionable trainers that have just landed, but they’re not quite like the kind you’ll find at the gym. These go-getting trainers are made to be worn with your jeans, dresses, and skirts too! Perfectly practical, and easy to wear these are the shoes that will step you from the last weeks of winter and straight into spring.

Fun, fashionable, and ready for anything, there’s plenty of ways to wear trainers – don’t believe us? Our need-to-know style guide has the best trainers to wear for now, plus some of our favourite tips on how to wear them … 

White Trainers

White Trainers for Women

The white trainers we love ...

Ways to wear white trainers

Think trainers can’t make a style statement? Think again! 

White trainers make the perfect foundation to many an outfit, their refreshing and neutral shade makes them one of the most versatile shoes out there. You’ll be surprised how much they’ll go with what you already have in your wardrobe, from pretty summer dresses, long skirts, and of course your trusty denim jeans.

Minimalist white trainers add a relaxed touch to even the smartest of looks and will open up plenty more outfits opportunities for you to try. For the best results, stick to the basics by going for a clean-cut pair of trainers with a simple and stylish silhouette, as they’ll easily adapt to match your outfit, no matter the season.

Just like trainers, jeans are so versatile when it comes to building an outfit whether it’s smart or casual. So, if you’re off out for lunch with friends, wear a pair of blue denim jeans with your white trainers and finish the look with a collared shirt (plus a jumper if it’s chilly), or go for a simple Bretton t-shirt and a blazer for a smart finish.

Style tips

Wondering what socks to wear with your trainers? The good news is you won’t need to go sockless! A trusty pair of invisible socks are the best kept secret in the world of footwear, they’ll keep your feet feeling fresh and supported without your socks being on show. 

To keep your white trainers looking as fresh and presentable as possible, make sure they are squeaky clean. For the best results we recommend investing in a shoe whitening kit, it’ll be your best friend that will keep your white trainers looking tip top.

Crop your jeans by adding a little roll-up to the hems, by creating a gap between the tops of your trainers and the hems of your trousers it will avoid any unsightly creasing around your ankles plus it will give you the appearance of a longer leg. Win, win!

Chunky Trainers

Chunky Trainers
Platform Trainers

The chunky trainers we love …

Ways to wear chunky trainers

If you’re looking for the footwear that will bring a boost to your height and a modern twist to your outfits, a pair of chunky trainers might just do the trick! More comfortable than heeled shoes, platform trainers have a practical, wearable shape that will add the all-important lift to your looks without affecting your comfort. 

While they may feel super comfortable, chunky trainers are anything but boring, and the good news is you can wear them with pretty much everything! Whether you’re slipping them on with your jeans and jumpers through the last of the winter days or wearing with your summer dresses when the sunshine finally arrives.

Style tips

The key to styling chunky trainers is all about balance, so play about with the proportions of your outfit, try slim-fitting jeans that are cropped at the ankle, as this will elegantly showcase your trainers in all their glory. 

For a smarter look, wear your chunky trainers with a mid-length dress and leave out the tights, the space between your hem and trainers will lengthen your silhouette, plus the platform will add a little lift to your height too.

Colourful Trainers

Colourful leather trainers
Flower print trainers

The colourful trainers we love ...

How to style colourful trainers

We all need to give our mood a little boost from time-to-time, and with spring on the horizon, what could be better than adding a splash of bright optimism to your wardrobe? Yes, we mean colourful trainers!

Made with sun-bright shades, pretty prints, and irresistible patterns, bright-coloured trainers might just be the perfect cure for grey days, plus they’ll have you strolling comfortably through every occasion. 

Not sure how you’d wear them? Choosing colourful shoes does require a little more thought, but bright trainers can take a very ordinary outfit and make it extra special. For a neutral outfit, go for a pair of colour-pop trainers as they will give a classic look a standout twist and if you fancy something even bolder, colour-match your trainers with the shades in your outfit.

Style tips

When choosing a pair of colourful trainers, pick a shade that you will get a lot of wear out of by seeing what will work with the rest of your wardrobe.

The key to making any outfit work is to colour match two items, as this will pull your look together. Coordinate the shade of your trainers with the colour of your bag or accessories, you can even pick out the colour accents of prints and patterns that you’re wearing for a more cohesive look.

If you’re colour-blocking from head-to-toe, go for matching tones rather than an exact colour match, variations of shades will add depth to your look and will let your trainers stand out in all their glory.

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