Welcome to Destination Daydream

Welcome to Destination Daydream

2020 was a year of many things, one of which was the halt on international and domestic travel, which saw many of us forgo our upcoming foreign adventures in favour of staying home, and staying safe. As the thought of a possible summer holiday evokes feelings of glee and hope in many of us, we begin to think about what we might be packing for possible holidays upon the horizon. Dreaming of everything from that post-flight rush of heat as you step off the plane to the indescribable feeling of sinking your toes into the soft, damp sand of your favourite beach, we are desperately looking forward to the resumption of our beloved holidays. So, whether you are looking forward to a relaxing staycation, dreaming of mysterious lands afar or craving the escapism of returning to your favourite holiday resort, we’ve got your suitcase covered.

MKOC33001 Sandals
POLY2500 Sandals

Destination Daydream is Pavers’ answer to indulging in our travel fantasies. Which could, with hope on our side, soon become a reality. There are few things in life as glorious as a summer holiday; the fabulous feeling of a few days of escapism, whether for relaxation or exhilaration. For those chasing exotic sunsets, balmy evenings and tropical climates look to our Sun Seeker and Luxury Cruisers edits for everything from slip-on sandals perfect for lounging poolside, to embellished evening shoes which will twinkle under a humid blanket of glistening stars. If adventure and architecture is paramount to your travels, consider our City Breaks edit. Whether you're wandering around an entanglement of cobble-stoned streets (gelato in hand, of course) or immersing yourself in a display of baroque architecture, you will want to be cool, comfortable and chic. Finally, as travel reinvents itself, we find a new-found joy and appreciation in domestic travel. Our diverse amalgamation of bustling metropolises, remote beaches and flora-rich grasslands, all compiled into one compact island, offers endless opportunities for discovery and activity, without the need for a plane ticket. Our Scenic Daytripper and Home from Home Holidays edits explore the notion of revelling in everything which our great nation holds in the palm of it’s hand, and how much adventure and uncharted territory lies on our doorstep. 


Now, our purchases have more meaning than ever as we envision the occasions that may be lying on the horizon. No longer only browsing in the slipper and loungewear sections, we can look to the hope and styling opportunities which a wardrobe refresh can give. The appeal of an elegant sandal now feels realistically hopeful and exciting, as opposed to wishful thinking. As evening plans linger in a state of possibility, the allure of sequins, embellishment and sparkle returns once more, possibly stronger than ever. We owe reliable comfort, in more ways than one, to our cosy slippers and at-home-wear which have kept us supported and reassured on the many dark days we have encountered. However, as the sun shines on a beacon of recovery, rejuvenation and renewal, we are more than happy to shed their dependable comfort for the enticement of adventure and optimism.  

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