Pavers Holdings Ltd has become the first major UK shoe retailer to achieve both the Carbon Neutral International Certification and participation in the UN’s Climate Now Initiative, which invites organisations to work towards global climate neutrality by addressing their own carbon footprint.

As you are aware the company last year began its journey to obtain carbon neutrality. To that end I am delighted to inform you that we have now reached this milestone, and on Thursday 4th February this news was officially made public by One Carbon World. This is great & exciting news for the business especially at this time.

Working in partnership with One Carbon World, a global resource partner of the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative, Pavers calculated and disclosed the businesses current carbon footprint and with their Foundation, they have directly funded to offset (or balance) all emissions through certified carbon credits purchased with the support of One Carbon World.

One Carbon World only supports verified carbon offset projects that are both ecologically and socially effective and have clear sustainable development benefits. Working closely with One Carbon World to ensure the efficacy of their measurement and subsequent offsets, the granting of Carbon Neutral status is recognition of Pavers’ commitment to measuring, reducing and balancing its carbon footprint on an ongoing basis.

Talking about the company’s initiative Jason Paver, Joint MD said:

“One of our core values as a business is that we take our commitment to local communities, charities, and the environment seriously, and to support this we already donate a fixed percentage of our profits to our Charitable Foundation annually. But for a lot of our people, and for me personally, it is imperative that as a business we focus on doing everything we can to help support the long-term health of our environment. Becoming carbon neutral and signing up to the UN’s Climate Now initiative is a fantastic step forward for us, but it is just one of a number we will be taking in order to continue to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. That said, being the UK’s first shoe retailer to be recognised through the Carbon Neutral International Standard makes this situation particularly special! Whilst we remain hyper-aware of costs given the global pandemic has closed all 170 of our shops, we are fortunate that the Pavers Foundation will be funding our carbon offset requirements for the next few years, and alongside my colleagues in the Foundation I feel strongly this initiative is not only the right way to go for the environment, but also important because it is fulfilling what our colleagues and our communities want to see the business doing.”

Andrew Bowen, Chief Executive Officer of One Carbon World said:

“We are thrilled to announce that Pavers has achieved the Carbon Neutral International Standard, which clearly shows how strongly they are committed to sustainability.

Every emission Pavers has offset directly supports the UN and verified voluntary reforestation projects around the world, which help to restore the natural biodiversity while also sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.”

This achievement comes during a milestone year for the company, who will celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2021. Initiatives such as this coupled with the company’s altruistic actions through the Pavers Foundation, and their dedication to providing

‘90% of your verified carbon credits (VCUs) supported Guanare – a reforestation project in South America.

This project lasts for 100 years, covers 22,000 hectares and is verified by the Rainforest Alliance. The project is also certified by the FSC (ensuring fair wages etc.) and they have been retired by VERRA who are the World’s largest environmental registry.

10% of carbon credits (CERs) retired from the United Nations platform. Each project goes through a strict vetting process and is directly overseen by the United Nations. Each project involves a number of stakeholders including the UN, host country national authorities who oversee national implementation, as well as independent auditors. These come from UN Clean Development Mechanism projects and are to support renewable energy projects.

This project is committed to sustainable forest production and also to the highest operational and environmental corporate requirements in its commitment to preserve soil, water and air quality, as well as community well-being.

In this reforestation project the healthy and well-managed forests help the planet adapt to a changing climate by providing critical stormwater management, ecosystem services, and wildlife habitat.