How to Wear Chunky Trainers

How to Wear Chunky Trainers

Over the years, we’ve been navigating the path of style and trends, always seeking to strike a balance between comfort and elegance, and chunky trainers could just be the answer we’ve been looking for. Thicker, bolder, and, yes, chunkier than your typical trainers, these shoes could prove to be an unexpected, but delightful, addition to your summer wardrobe, adding a modern twist to any outfit.

The size and style of these shoes might initially feel intimidating. When you think of chunkiness, you think of added weight on your feet, which isn’t something we all welcome. However, our collection of chunky trainers are equipped with lightweight and flexible soles, which gives you the opportunity to hop on the chunky trend without dragging you down. Trust us, once you get the hang of it, these trainers will bring a fresh breath of air to your wardrobe, just in time for summer.

Add a Pop of Colour

Adding a splash of colour to your all-black ensemble doesn't have to be a daunting task, especially with a fun pair of chunky trainers in your arsenal. While a monochrome black outfit offers a timeless elegance, incorporating a bold, vibrant pair of trainers can create an unexpected focal point that exudes both sophistication and charm. The beauty of chunky trainers is that they don't just come in basic white or black. Take, for example, these colourful lace-up trainers they’ll add a cheerful wink of colour to any mundane outfit.

The market is teeming with options that boast bright hues, mixed colours, and even metallic accents. Imagine stepping out in a sleek black dress paired with a fiery red or electric blue pair of trainers. It's an instant mood-lifter, a silent but powerful statement.

Feeling a little apprehensive? Don’t worry, transitioning from your comfortable fashion norms to exploring bolder colour choices can feel like a leap. First try pairing a subtle pair of white chunky trainers with a simple outfit you’re comfortable in and go from there.

Dress for the Weather

As the summer days beckon, it's the perfect opportunity to bring out your favourite floaty dresses. Light and airy fabric in free-flowing silhouettes are a summer staple in our eyes. However, pairing them with a set of supportive and fashionable chunky trainers can seriously help to freshen up your look. While sandals or heels might be your go-to dress companions, chunky trainers offer an appealing mix of comfort, support, and unique style.

Picture this: a breezy floral dress paired with a sleek, white pair of chunky trainers. It's an outfit that's unexpectedly chic, comfortable, and perfect for anything from a garden party with the neighbours to a romantic beach stroll. Wearing trainers with dresses might seem unconventional or even counterintuitive at first, but that's the beauty of fashion, its fluidity allows for unexpected combinations to flourish. It might take a bit of courage to step onto this trend, but rest assured, this blend of femininity and sporty flair can offer you a new, stylish, and comfortable way to enjoy your summer days.

Break the Mould

Office outfits are undoubtable important. They need to fill you with confidence and still incorporate your own unique style. What better way to showcase this than by fusing the formal chic of a suit with the urban trendiness of chunky trainers?

While a well-tailored suit paired with the traditional heels screams corporate chic, swapping the heels for a pair of sleek chunky trainers can add an unexpected twist, creating a balance between professionalism and contemporary style. Envision a smart, structured suit softened by a clean, minimalist pair of chunky trainers. Take these lightweight platform trainers from Rieker, paired with a cream or light-colour suit, this combination exudes a confident, modern aesthetic without compromising on comfort. At first, this new look might feel a little intimidating. After all, a suit and trainers might seem like an unlikely duo in a formal setting. But, by embracing this blend of formality and casual comfort, you can transform your work outfits into stylish yet practical statements.

Casual Comfort

Denim jeans are the backbone of casual comfort, offering a versatile canvas that adapts to any style, any season. But have you ever considered matching your favourite pair with chunky trainers for an upgraded casual look? It's a pairing that not only exudes an air of effortlessness but also guarantees comfort for all your daily adventures. Think of your trusty jeans, whether they're skinny, straight-leg, or a trendy wide fit, coupled with these lightweight lace-up chunky trainers. The result? A simple yet stylish outfit that's ready for anything from a trip to the shops to a casual dog walk.

Now, we understand that deviating from your usual flats or boots to chunky trainers might feel unfamiliar. These trainers are bolder, louder, and make more of a statement, which might seem daunting for a casual setting. But fear not, this is where the versatility of jeans shines, helping to ground the look and make it more accessible.

Chunky trainers are not just a fleeting fashion trend, but rather a versatile footwear option that can revolutionize your wardrobe. They can brighten up your all-black outfits, add a stylish twist to your summer dresses, introduce a modern edge to your formal attire, and complement your casual jeans look with a touch of contemporary flair.

But what's even more appealing about these trainers is their commitment to comfort. They are designed to support your feet throughout the day, whether you're at work, at a social gathering, or simply running errands.

To help you embark on your chunky trainer adventure, take a look at our collection of chunky trainers. With an array of designs, colours, and styles, we're confident that you'll find a pair that speaks to your taste, complements your wardrobe, and offers you the comfort you deserve.

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