How to Style Mules

Mules are the breezy outfit builders for sunny days, a reliable and comfortable choice, mules make a trusty style solution for pretty much every look and occasion. Simple in design, mules may be classic but they are far from boring.

Easy to slip on, they boast the comfort support that will stay with you all day - and into the evening too! Mules are shoes that do not have an enclosed heel, essentially meaning you can slide your feet easily into them, in a variety of different styles from flats to heels, and sandals, they’re much more than a simple slip-on shoe, they’re ultra-flattering, endlessly, versatile, and suited for almost every occasion.

To help you make the most out of the pieces you already have in your wardrobe, we’ve put together a guide on how to wear mule shoes with your smart and casual outfits. Whether you’re looking for inspiration so you can wear your mules to work or you need to style up your jeans with mules, this summer is set to be your most stylish yet.

How to Style Flat Mules

Flat mules are a chic and comfortable alternative to ballet flats, not only offering the same easy slip-on style that we know and love, but they’re the kind of shoes that you can throw on with virtually every outfit - proving that dressing up (or down) doesn’t have to be a chore - in fact, they can spark instant joy!

Great for ladies who are always on their feet, you can consider flat mules the style staple that will not fall, well, flat.

Flat Mules with Jeans

Flat Mules with Jeans

Skinny jeans with mules are a failsafe outfit option, flat mules make a great solution if you’re looking to switch up the monotony of everyday dressing, look for bright colours and embellishments for a playful twist.

Flat Mules for Smart Occasions

Flat Mules for Smart Occasions

For smarter looks, wearing your flat mules to the office is a great way to incorporate sophisticated style into your dressier outfits. Pair your mules with pieces like your smart tailored trousers, maxi-dresses, or even palazzo and wide-legged trousers for a chic and comfortable sign-off.

How to Style Heeled Mules

Heeled mules will end many a dressing dilemma, the simple design and versatile qualities of mule heels give plenty of outfit options, pairing with skirts, floaty dresses, and even your jeans mules and sliders can bring a cool stylish twist to any summer outfit. 

A pair of wedge mules are also a great summer staple, they look better paired with casual outfits like shorts and linen trousers, they offer more comfort than a regular heel, because the wedge supports under your entire foot, helping to evenly distribute your weight, preventing sore points across the balls and heels of your feet.

Heeled mules really do make life simple because they are just so versatile, easy to wear, and surprisingly comfortable too, just slip them on and you’ll be ready for whatever summer has in store.

Style block heel mules with pieces like ankle-length skirts and sun dresses, the chunky appearance of the heel will stand out from the soft floating hemlines. Heeled mules are also a comfortable option to wear on evenings out and afternoon plans with friends, just slip them on with your jeans and favourite blouse for a smart and reliable outfit choice.

How to Wear Mules with Jeans

Wearing jeans with mules is quite possibly the easiest style combination for dressing on those in-between weather days. Just like your favourite pair of jeans, mules make a trusty wardrobe staple that you can rely on, true outfit builders, that promise to be forever flattering.

So, if you’re looking for an easy summer outfit for when the sun isn’t quite shining or you want to add a smart polish to evening looks, wearing jeans and mules is a style secret we need to let you in on!

Cue our trusty mules and jeans outfit inspiration that will serve you faithfully season after season…

How to Wear Mules with Skinny Jeans

Pairing mules with skinny jeans is a super easy outfit option. As skinny jeans are the starting block for every look it means that the style of mules you can wear are truly limitless! Block heels, wedge heels, flat mules, and sporty options too, there are so many outfit options to try.

If you’re looking to add a more characterful twist to denim days, find a zingy-bright pair like red mules, they’ll help to celebrate the blue skies and sunshine and stand out from your regular slim-fit jeans, be sure to coordinate the juicy hues in your blouses and accessories too.

Pairing your black mules and jeans is a failsafe outfit choice, you can dress them up with pretty summer tops and blouses and simply throw on a t-shirt and cardigan for more casual days.

As the colour is so classic, black mules are a great investment for your wardrobe because they will work with pretty much every piece you already have in your wardrobe. Plus, when it comes to sunny holidays they’ll be the first thing you’ll want to pack into your suitcase, every year!

Style Tip: Don’t forget to roll up hems to expose your ankles, not only is this an elegant way of showcasing your mules in all their glory, but it’s also a clever way of giving the appearance of a longer leg.

How Should Mules Fit?

Your mules should fit snugly to your feet, they shouldn’t be too loose or too tight as this can cause rubbing and blisters. As they are a slip-on style of shoe, it’s important that you look out for features like adjustable straps as this will help to perfect the fit and prevent your shoes from slipping off.

Where Should your Heel Be in Mules?

The heel of mules whether flat or high should be centered underneath the heel of your foot. Look out for a pair of mules with cushioned or contoured insoles as this will help your heels to sit comfortably into the mules and also absorb the impact of your step.

If you need more help and advice on choosing the right mules and sliders for your feet, follow our guide to mule shoes.

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