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The Best Winter Slippers

During these chilly months, when we’re all hunkering down, it’s the perfect time to start embracing the Danish custom of Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’). If you’re not familiar with this tradition, let us explain… Hygge is the Danish way of living that focuses on cosying up, keeping warm, and creating a safe comforting environment away from these cold, wet evenings. However, Hygge is also a mindset, based around relaxing and being kind to yourself and others. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together our ultimate guide on gifting slippers, because gifting a pair of snuggly slippers is a simple way to make somebody’s winter a little brighter.

Comfy slippers aren’t just a swanky accessory for keeping your toes toasty. There are many other benefits of gifting a pair of slippers to yourself or someone you love….

Indoor slippers can help keep your house a whole lot cleaner… Gift him a luxury pair of slippers and help enforce the idea of ‘indoor shoes’ vs ‘outdoor shoes’. Keeping your feet warm is key when it comes to fighting off nasty bugs, like colds and flu. In addition to this, some slippers, like our antibacterial range, can help prevent fungal infections by keeping your feet fresh and healthy.

But, the biggest benefit of wearing slippers? They’ll help prevent the eye-watering pain of stubbing your toe.

What Makes a Good Pair of Slippers?

Cosy winter slippers

The No. 1 feature of a universally recognised ‘good pair of slippers’ is the amount of insulation they have. There’s no point faffing around with thin, flimsy slippers. When shopping for slippers, make sure they have a thick warm lining, such as wool or shearling, or even a high-quality synthetic like faux fur. For durability, choose leather or suede. Rubber soles are often best as they will help prevent trips and falls, (plus, they make the ‘I forgot to put the bin out’ run a whole lot easier). Finally, look out for slippers made from breathable, natural materials like cotton, wool, or leather, and always ensure you have enough room to wiggly your toes. Overly tight slippers can restrict circulation.

Now, without further ado, let us introduce our guide to gifting slippers.

For the all-weather gardener...

This popular style is perfect for pottering. Many of these shoes come with a rubber sole, which makes them great for outdoor wear.

These wide-fit slipper clogs from Fly Flot have the added benefit of a flexible, shock-absorbing outsole, as well as an anatomic footbed, which makes gardening a whole lot comfier.

For the comfort seeker and sofa snoozer…

Our favourite pair of gent’s slippers have to be these soft suede moccasins. These functional, full slippers are crafted from ultra-soft suede with a plush faux fur lining, making them the ultimate winter slipper. Even better, these slippers have been treated with anti-odour technology that resists the growth of harmful bacteria and micro-organisms (no smelly feet here!)

For the cold-toed and warm-hearted...

Patterned Full Slippers

If it’s cosy you’re after, then these faux fur slippers should be top of your list. With a thick, plush lining and flexible outsole they make the ideal slipper for anyone seeking a snug and warm Christmas. Plus, their extra fluffy linings and super lightweight feel make those early morning missions to the coffee machine a whole lot easier.

For the lavish lounger...

Leopard Faux Fur Slipper Boots

This purr-fect pair of slipper boots will add a wild touch to cosy winter nights. Lined with the softest faux fur, they’ll be reaching for these slipper boots long into the new year.

For the eternal entertainer...

Cosy Faux Fur Slippers

This sturdy-soled, full slipper makes an ideal gift for that person who’s always on their feet! There’s always one who offers to pop the kettle on, top up people’s glasses, or is busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and we’ve got the perfect gift to thank them. Created with soft internal linings and finished with an anti-bacterial treatment, they’re the ideal companion for those busy bees who are always on their feet.

There you have it, our favourite slipper styles of the winter. However, if slippers aren’t your bag, why not take a look at our selection of cosy fleece-lined socks? Soft, stylish and oh-so cosy, they make the perfect light-hearted gift that anyone would enjoy.

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