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Best Trainers for Wide Feet

Finding trainers that accommodate wider feet while also being stylish can be a challenge. But rest assured, your search is over! We’ve dedicated our time to meticulously research and curate a selection of wide-fit trainers that strike the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Feet are as unique as fingerprints, with each person boasting their own distinct shape and size. However, while shoe size is often the focus, the width of our feet is an equally important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a lesser-known fact that a significant number of people are walking around in shoes that aren’t quite the right fit. We are committed to changing that, ensuring both comfort and style are accessible to everyone.

Wearing trainers that are either too tight or too loose is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to long-term foot issues and impact your walking pattern, causing discomfort in other parts of the body, including the back and knees.

So, how should trainers fit, you ask? The answer lies in selecting a pair that provides ample support, snugly fits without being restrictive, and complements your unique foot shape. Let’s explore a world where every pair of trainers is a harmonious blend of comfort and style, specially crafted to fit you perfectly.

How to Measure for Wide Fit Trainers

In the UK, shoe width sizes can vary between men and women, so it’s paramount to get acquainted with the different options to pinpoint the fit that hugs your feet just right, and this guide is your golden ticket to that information.

The intricacies of your feet – from their width to their arch height – play a pivotal role in determining how a shoe fits. Those blessed with broad feet might find solace in wide fit options, boasting spacious toe boxes that allow your toes to wiggle freely. If high arches grace your feet, shoes with contoured insoles, enhanced arch support, and adjustable fastenings offer a tailored fit that adapts to the unique curves of your feet, ensuring every step is a symphony of comfort. We’re here to guide you on a journey to discover shoes that feel like they’re made just for you.

Wide Fit Top Tips

  • If you are trying your trainers on in a store, it’s best to visit at the end of the day where possible this is because your feet will be at their widest so you can ensure a more accurate and comfortable fit.
  • Trainers too big? Add an additional insole to your shoe for a tailored fit, or should you struggle with swollen feet you can interchange additional inlays and insoles to modify the fit.
  • When trying on your new trainers, be sure to put on the socks you would normally wear, this way you will get a more accurate fit.

Our Width Guide

Which Trainer Brands are Wide Fit?

Where wide-fitting trainers are concerned there are several trusted brands our customer’s return to again and again, like Skechers, Fly Flot and of course Pavers Shoes. Loved for their performance-enhancing features we select the trainers that not only fit well but offer long-lasting comfort support.

Skechers Wide Fit

Skechers Wide Fit

Skechers is a brand that seamlessly marries comfort with style, creating footwear that’s a delight to don, and their collection of wide fit trainers is no exception. These trainers are crafted with innovative technologies and unique features tailored to those with a broader foot. Skechers’ wide fit offerings include designs that boast Air Cooled Memory Foam insoles for enhanced comfort, flexible outsoles for effortless strides, and roomy designs ensuring a snug, yet non-restrictive fit. Every pair is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality, combining contemporary styles with ergonomic designs, ensuring that individuals with wide feet don’t have to compromise on style or comfort.

Pavers Wide Fit

Pavers Wide Fit

Pavers, renowned for delivering exceptional comfort without skimping on style, has a range of wide fit trainers that epitomize this ethos. Every pair is meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of those with wider feet. Our collection features trainers with extra roomy toe boxes, soft cushioned insoles, and adjustable features ensuring a personalized fit. The blend of innovative design elements ensures that each step is cushioned, and every walk is a joy. Pavers make no compromises in quality, ensuring that their wide fit trainers are not just comfortable, but also exude a contemporary aesthetic appeal.

Fly Flot Wide Fit

Fly Flot, with its Italian design ethos, champions comfort and quality in every pair. Their collection of wide fit trainers is a mix of artistic design and ergonomic structure. Known for the signature anatomic sole that adapts to the natural shape of the feet, Fly Flot ensures optimal comfort, support, and flexibility. Each wide fit trainer is a masterpiece of cushioning and space, allowing feet to breathe and move naturally. The brand's meticulous attention to detail and quality materials promise not just a shoe, but an experience of comfort that’s akin to walking on air, making every step a symphony of comfort and style.

Best Wide Fit Trainers for Women

For ladies going about their days with wider feet, you’ll know all too well the struggle of tightness when you’re not wearing the right shoes. Ranging between D and E fits our women’s trainers will cater to ladies with wide-fit feet, here’s a selection of the best-selling favourites…

summit slip on trainers

Summit Slip On Trainers

The memory foam insoles of these trainers not only allow for a moulded and personalised fit, but they’ll evenly redistribute the weight across your feet and simultaneously deliver effective shock-absorption too.

memory foam trainers

Extra Wide Fit Memory Foam Trainers

Lightweight and flexible; these EasyFit trainers are equipped with a springy memory foam insole for an exacting fit each time. This pair has a modern look with a stylish lace-up fastening making them perfect for all-day wear.

white leather wide fit trainers

Pavers Wide Fit Leather Trainers

Lightweight, shock-absorbing, and with a memory foam insole there’s so much to unpack in this pair of trainers, but the secret to its comfortable wide fit lies in the handy side zip fastening, perfect for speedy dressing!

Best Wide Fit Trainers for Men

Ranging from an F fit through to a G fit we have a large range of men’s wide fit trainers to suit all activities from running to hiking and even lazy everyday options. We’ve picked a few of the best-selling men’s trainers our customers love!

skechers mens trainer

Vigor 2.0 - Advantage Lace-Up Trainers

A lightweight, flexible, and very shock-absorbent trainer from Skechers, built on a sturdy sole with memory foam insole.

wide fit trainers mens

Relife by Pavers Slip-On Trainers

These trainers are ideal for everyday wear easy to slip on thanks to their lace-less design and finished with a super lightweight traction outsole.

lace up wide fit trainers

Wide Fit Trainers for Men

The ideal trainer for gentle walking activities, this trainer sits between an F and a G fit offering up a generous interior with softly padded linings and a high-tech cushioned insole with excellent energy return.

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