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What Makes Skechers Trainers So Comfortable?

Skechers have carved out a niche in the global footwear scene, celebrated for marrying sporty aesthetics with supreme comfort. Echoing our ethos, they stand as a family-oriented brand, meticulously crafting shoes that cater to every generation's diverse tastes and needs. We’re delighted to stock Skechers at Pavers; a testament to our shared commitment to marrying style, comfort, and quality.

Every pair is a fusion of contemporary design, made with top-tier materials, ensuring that each step is wrapped in comfort without forgoing style. We’re not just talking about shoes; we’re introducing companions for your everyday journeys, pieces that epitomise casual elegance and are embedded with the luxury of relaxation. Join us as we unravel the elements that elevate Skechers to being not just a brand but a global favourite for comfortable, stylish footwear.

Why are Skechers so Comfortable?

Skechers are known for their unparalleled comfort technologies and innovative design, but what exactly is it that makes Skechers comfortable? Skechers footwear comes in a wide selection of fits, including classic, wide, stretch, and relaxed fit, giving the ability to find your perfect pair.

Skechers collections are now being designed with nearly thirty years of experience in the footwear industry, putting podiatrist expertise and experience into every shoe. Many pairs of the GOwalk collection feature Skechers patented Arch Fit insole system, which gives removable podiatrist-certified arch support for the foot, perfect for those with a higher instep as it distributes pressure across the arch, giving stability and balance.

Other pairs of Skechers trainers feature the Ultra Go midsole which gives lightweight cushioning, whilst some feature the High-rebound Comfort Pillar Technology for added support. Skechers use an athletic-engineered knit mesh fabric upper in the construction of many of their trainers, which gives a stretchy, sport-ready fit with flexibility and support. Knit-in cooling panels are another key Skechers innovation, which keeps feet cool when exercising and optimises the fresh foot feeling. Underfoot, the flexible traction outsoles give support and grip against varied terrains, whilst allowing for movement.

skechers trainers

What Styles do Skechers come in?

Skechers have a multitude of styles that cater to various needs, and many of them are beloved for their unique blend of comfort and style.

1. Arch Fit: Skechers Arch Fit trainers are a game-changer for those seeking enhanced arch support. With a podiatrist-certified arch support design, these trainers offer all-day comfort, making them a favourite for individuals who spend a considerable amount of time on their feet.

2. GOwalk: The GOwalk series is renowned for its innovative cushioning, lightweight feel, and breathable materials. These trainers are perfect for walks of any length, ensuring your feet stay comfortable and well-ventilated, whether you’re out for a leisurely stroll or a more vigorous walk.

3. Sport D’Lux: For the style-conscious individual who isn’t willing to compromise on comfort, the Sport D’Lux line offers trendy designs infused with memory foam cushioning. They're not just a fashion statement but a haven of comfort for your feet.

4. Bobs: Skechers Bobs are another crowd favourite, marrying comfort with a chic, casual aesthetic. With a plush memory foam insole, these shoes are perfect for individuals looking to make a stylish yet comfortable choice for everyday wear.

5. Ultra Flex: Known for their flexibility and comfort, Ultra Flex trainers are a gem for individuals who value freedom of movement. The air-cooled memory foam insole and highly flexible outsole ensure your feet are not just cool but move freely and naturally.

6. Summits: If you’re after a trainer that promises superior comfort during athletic activities, the Summits line is your go-to. With a soft, flat-knit mesh fabric upper and cushioned insole, these trainers ensure your athletic endeavours are as comfortable as they are productive.

Each style embodies Skechers' commitment to combining quality, technology, and trends in a package of comfort. Whether you’re active, fashion-forward, or simply in pursuit of all-day comfort, there’s a Skechers style tailored to step you into your element with ease and flair.

What are the Origins of Skechers?

Skechers originated in a utility room in Manhattan Beach, California, in 1992. It was founded by Robert Greenberg and his son Michael, who had previously been involved in the L.A. Gear sneaker company, another well-known footwear brand. Skechers started as a distributor for Doc Martens but quickly evolved and started producing its own line of sneakers.

In the beginning, Skechers focused on skate shoes and utility-style boots, closely associated with the grunge era of the early '90s. However, it wasn’t long before the company diversified its product line. Today, Skechers is recognized globally, renowned for producing a vast range of footwear, including casual, sport, and work styles for all ages.

The company is known for its innovation in design and technology, with comfort and quality at the core of each pair of shoes. Skechers has carved a niche in the athletic and lifestyle footwear industry, with its memory foam insoles and lightweight construction becoming some of the brand's defining features. Over the years, Skechers has built a reputation as a go-to brand for comfortable, stylish, and quality footwear.

skechers trainers

What are Skechers Arch Fit Trainers?

Skechers Arch Fit are a specific line of footwear designed with comfort and arch support at their core. This collection features a patented Arch Fit insole system, engineered with over 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted foot scans to provide podiatrist-certified support. The insoles are shaped to help distribute pressure evenly across the feet, offering stability and balance.

Each Arch Fit shoe incorporates a removable, supportive cushioning insole that retains its shape over time, ensuring that your feet enjoy consistent support. The design aids in reducing foot pain by providing comfort to those with arch-related issues. These shoes are a perfect blend of style and functionality, catering to various activities from casual strolls to intensive workouts, ensuring that every step is a stride in comfort and style.


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