What is Arch Support Footwear?

What is Arch Support Footwear?

Your foot's arch, that lovely curve from heel to ball, is a remarkable design by nature, supported by intricate tendons and ligaments. It's the secret behind every step, ensuring your foot can gracefully carry your weight and spread it evenly while walking or running.

When we talk about 'arch support' in footwear, we're referring to built-in or added structural elements in shoes that provide a contoured bed for the arches of your feet. This includes features such as a gently raised surface, enhanced cushioning, or a uniquely crafted insole. Check our full selection of arch support footwear for both men and women below.

Do You Need Arch Support?

It’s a personal journey. The requirement varies with your unique foot shape, daily activities, and any specific foot challenges. If your feet feel weary, especially after those longer strolls or standing sessions, they might be hinting at the need for some extra love.

If you're unsure on your arch type, try out the footprint test… With bare feet, step in a little water then place a footprint on a dry surface. A full footprint might hint at flat feet, suggesting the need for arch support. A slender connecting line between the front and back might mean high arches, another candidate for support.

Ask the Expert

Dexter Lynch

If in doubt, seek expertise. Sometimes, a little guidance goes a long way. Podiatrists or orthopaedic professionals can provide tailored advice on the support you need.

Our resident Quality and Technical Manager, Dexter Lynch, share his expertise on choosing the correct support for your foot.

“We have a wide range of shoes online which offer varying levels of arch support, along with other comfort-related attributes like memory foam. I’d encourage you to find similar styles in-store with and without arch support and see which you find the most comfortable. Once you’ve made the decision, wear them around the house first, then see what a difference it makes to your foot comfort during your normal day”.

For more expert advice on arch support, take a look at our Comfort Hub page.

How To Tell Whether You Have Flat, Medium or High Foot Arches

Normal/Medium Arch:

If you do the wet footprint test, you'll see a clear curve along the inside of the foot.

Function: This foot type generally pronates (rolls inward) to a certain degree, which helps in absorbing shock. It's a biomechanically efficient foot!

Consider shoes that offer a balanced embrace, those with moderate arch support or stability designs, to make every step harmonious.

Flat/Low Arch:

In the wet footprint test, you'd notice that almost the entire sole of the foot makes contact with the ground, with little to no curve indenting inward.

This foot type tends to overpronate, which can sometimes lead to issues like joint pain or injuries, sometimes making you feel the weight of the world a tad more.

Embrace shoes that provide firmer support, perhaps with a defined arch or motion control, to counter the inward lean and guide each step.

High Arch:

The wet footprint will display a very sharp curve on the inside, and you might only see a thin line, or even just the heel and forefoot making contact with the ground.

This foot type doesn’t pronate enough, meaning it may not absorb shock as well. It can make the foot more susceptible to certain kinds of foot pain or conditions.

Cushioned or neutral shoes are often recommended as they offer shock absorption. Some people with high arches also benefit from custom-made orthotics or insoles to support their unique foot shape.

It's worth noting that the shape and arch type of your foot is just one aspect of selecting the right footwear. Other factors such as gait, foot volume, and specific needs or conditions should also be taken into consideration. Consulting a foot specialist or a knowledgeable shoe fitter can provide personalised recommendations.

The Best Trainers for Arch Support

Arch Fit: Big Appeal Lace-Up Trainers

When it's a walk in the park or a brisk morning jog, trainers with arch support are your trusty companions. Seek out designs that have a robust midsole, which offers a cushioned cradle for those arches. Trainers with a deeper heel cup are ideal for helping to stabilise the foot, and a snug yet breathable upper ensures your foot stays comfy and refreshed.

To read about the benefits of Skechers Arch Fit trainers, select the link.

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The Best Sandals for Arch Support

Leather Touch-fasten Sandals

We all love that feeling of sun-kissed toes! But don't be tempted to sacrifice support for style. Opt for sandals with contoured footbeds, hugging your arches like a gentle seaside wave. Adjustable straps? Yes, please! They ensure a bespoke fit, keeping everything in its right place.

Next time you're on a beach stroll, let those sandals make every step feel like the soft sand beneath you.

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The Best Slippers for Arch Support

Slipper Clogs

Nothing says 'home' like slipping into your favourite pair of slippers. But remember to choose slippers with an inbuilt moulded footbed that serenades your arches. A firmer sole than you'd expect can be a game-changer, offering that subtle support.

So, whether it's a fireside read or a dash for the post, keep it snug and supportive with every shuffle and step.

Dip into the Comfort of Orthotic Insoles

Dive into the world of orthotic insoles, often simply named 'orthotics'. These are our little helpers inside shoes, meticulously crafted to cuddle, correct, and champion the foot's natural shape. Whether you pick them off the shelf or have them custom-made to your foot's unique rhythm, they serve a variety of purposes.

Orthotics do more than just offer comfort, they can help in correcting foot alignment and improving foot function. Whether it's soothing foot twinges or more serious ailments like plantar fasciitis, orthotics bring relief and support. By redistributing pressure and realigning the foot, orthotics can alleviate pain in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and even the lower back.

Our Final Tips for Foot Comfort

Adjustable Leather Walking Sandals

We’ll leave you with our final words of wisdom for finding foot comfort.

  1. Quality isn’t just a word; it’s an investment. When selecting shoes or insoles, premium choices stand the test of time.
  2. If you're active or on your feet a lot, rotate between a couple of pairs of supportive shoes to maintain consistent support and allow each pair to recover between wears.
  3. While off-the-shelf insoles have their moment, custom-tailored ones are like a bespoke suit for your feet, offering unmatched alignment.
  4. Stay lively! Simple foot exercises and stretches, like the gentle toe curl or the soothing calf raise, can work wonders.
  5. And remember, our feet tell tales; if they're whispering discomfort, it’s time for a chat with your podiatrist.

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