Women's Chelsea Boots

A timeless and iconic silhouette, a ladies’ Chelsea boot is a versatile addition to any ladies’ wardrobe which looks fabulous no matter what the season. Whether you are looking for a streamlined Chelsea boot, or a chun…

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What are Chelsea boots?

Chelsea boots are close-fitting ankle boots, known for their stretchy elastic side panels they often feature a loop of tab at the heel to allow the boots to be slipped on and off with ease. Dating back to the Victorian era, Chelsea boots were originally designed by Queen Victoria's shoemaker and worn for occasions like polo matches. These days Chelsea boots remain a fashionable and comfortable ankle boot for both women and men.

How should Chelsea boots fit?

It's important that Chelsea boots fit snuggly across your ankle, as there are no laces or adjustable fastenings, however, the boots should not be too tight as slipping them on or off could become a problem. There should be a little flexibility in the boots thanks to the elastic vents. When you try on your Chelsea boots, wear your usual type of socks to ensure a more accurate fit.

Why are they called Chelsea boots?

Chelsea boots were affectionately named after the borough of London that grew to love these ankle boots in the 1950’s and 60’s. Associated with the ‘mod’ scene Chelsea boots quickly rose in popularity because they were worn by the greats in popular culture like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Should you wear socks with Chelsea boots?

Before you slip your Chelsea boots on, it’s important that you get the basics right where comfort is concerned. Wearing socks with your Chelsea boots will help to reduce the risk of rubbed feet and blisters, so we would recommend wearing a pair for a more comfortable fit. As Chelsea boots sit just above the ankle it would mean that regular socks will be on show, so why not switch to ankle socks if you prefer no socks showing? Or embrace the look with a bold and colourful pair of socks!

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