All Stars Youth Group

Marie applied for grant funding to support All Stars, a group for young adults with special educational needs in the Dudley Borough. Marie’s daughter Olivia, who also previously worked at Pavers, is a volunteer for the charity and her goddaughter attends the group regularly. The charity will use the money to support their annual ball later this year, celebrating the wonderful achievements of all the young people throughout the year.

Little Hiccups

We have recently donated £1,500 to Little Hiccups, a Leeds based support charity for children with additional needs and their families. The donation was made on behalf of Christine McLeod, with her husband Steve, who both work at the Pavers Distribution and Logistics Centre in York.

Little Hiccups is a Leeds-based support group, founded and run by the parents of children with additional needs, they recognise the importance of sharing the unique events of every family’s individual journey and offer a wide range on in-person and outreach support services.


Franca applied funding for the charity Bliss, having raised funds for them personally in the past which helped pay for an incubator to care for prematurely born babies, “I felt Pavers Foundation could really make a difference in supporting this great charity which will help families going through such difficult times, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this charity”.

The charity will use the money to fund their champions programme, whereby trained volunteers will spend time in neonatal units to make sure parents of premature and sick babies have all the resources they need to support their children. Bliss champions ensure that parents are taking care of themselves as well as their children, and ensure no parent has to go through their neonatal experience alone.

Pavers Foundation Impact report 2023

Having a positive impact on our colleagues, the environment and the lives of others is what drives us, take a look at our impact report to see the difference we have made across the UK and beyond since 2018.

PF Impact Report 2023