What are Clogs?

If you are looking for effortless wear and on-trend style, then look no further than the unsung hero of the footwear world: the clog. As stylish as they are practical, clogs are set to rule the summer, and we can totally see why. After months and months spent at home wearing mostly slippers and house shoes, clogs are a comfortable progression into the outdoor world again. Perfect for pairing with everything from three quarter length trousers to garden-ready summer dresses, our selection of slip-on clogs will keep you comfortable at home or take you out and about, whenever you wish.

What are Clogs?

Clogs have a rich history, rooted in the working class communities of Europe, particularly in countries like The Netherlands, Sweden, and England. These iconic shoes, often associated with Dutch culture, have been around for centuries. They're characterized by their sturdy, wooden soles and leather uppers, although traditionally, they were carved entirely from wood. Crafted to offer durability and protection, clogs were the go-to footwear for workers in various fields including farming, mining, and factory work, offering a robust shield against the elements and workplace hazards. Today, they’ve transformed into a fashion statement, melding comfort with a touch of rustic style, yet still echoing the echoes of their practical and hardy origins.

Are Clogs Comfortable?

FlyFlot Clogs

Clogs masterfully blend comfort with functionality. They've graced fashion runways, proving they’re as stylish as they are snug. The open heel cup and modestly raised heel cater to day-long wear, making clogs a favourite for those seeking ease, including individuals with slightly swollen feet who desire shoes with a breezy feel. The generous toe-box design ensures ample space up front, promising freedom of movement for your toes.

Discover a world of comfort with clogs, especially our range from FlyFlot, where each pair is a testament to this iconic shoe's ability to marry absolute comfort with enduring style.

Are Clogs Bad for Your Feet?

The primary culprits of discomfort and foot health issues are ill-fitting shoes, subpar quality, and excessive heel height. Optimal foot health is nurtured by well-fitted, supportive footwear. While high heels can induce pain over prolonged wear due to the elevated position they thrust the feet into, alternatives like clogs, with their flat or low-heel design, promise comfort for extended wear.

Clogs are engineered to bolster the foot's innate arch and contour, promoting proper alignment. Their classic closed-toe and low heel design are tailored for sustained comfort, minimizing strain. Many clogs boast shock-absorbing features, cushioning not just the feet but also shielding the ankles and hips from impact.

For foot health and footwear longevity, variety is key. Rotating through different pairs avoids overstraining muscles and ensures shoes retain their form. It’s not an advisory confined to high heels; wearing the same pair daily can overburden specific muscles and joints and may hasten the wear of your beloved shoes. Plus, giving shoes a day off ensures they dry out thoroughly, maintaining their shape and comfort for longer.

How are Clogs Supposed to Fit?

Finding the perfect fit for clogs can be a bit personal since we all have unique feet. However, there are a few universal fitting tips to keep in mind. Your heel should move freely and easily, ensuring the clog isn’t too restrictive yet stays securely on your foot with every step. The instep should feel snug and supportive but not constricting, offering a harmonious blend of comfort and security.

Your toes should have their own little party space – not cramped, but free to wiggle and breathe. If they’re nudging the end of the toe box, it might be time to consider a step up in size. Remember, a well-fitted clog is the secret to experiencing the comfort and style that has made this iconic footwear a timeless classic.

How Long to Break in Clogs?

The "break-in" period for your new clogs can vary depending on their material and design. To ease into ultimate comfort, consider donning your clogs indoors before taking them out and about. Like a fine wine, they'll mature beautifully, adapting gently to the contours of your feet with each wear.

Slipping on a pair of thick, cosy socks can expedite the breaking-in process, giving the clogs a bit of a stretch. However, tread wisely, as socks can sometimes slide, so you’ll want to step with care. For an extra layer of comfort and prevention, strategically place plasters over potential "hot spots" to keep any rubbing at bay.

In essence, patience is your companion here. Each wear will usher your clogs closer to that bespoke fit, where style nestles seamlessly with comfort. Before you know it, every step will be a cozy embrace, making your clogs an extension of you – uniquely crafted, supremely comfortable.

Which Clogs are the Most Comfortable?

Choosing the most comfortable clogs boils down to the unique needs of your feet. For the broader footed amongst us, Fly Flot’s range promises roominess and ease, blending style and comfort with effortless grace. Our Slip-On and Wide Fit Anatomic Lightweight Clogs offer that generous space, ensuring each step is a dance of comfort.

For those seeking a mix of comfort and practicality, especially in a work environment, our Coated Leather Anatomic Work Clogs are a game changer. Wipe clean convenience meets an adjustable strap for that ‘just right’ fit, every day.

Got a high instep? Worry not. Dive into the world where anatomical design meets aesthetic pleasure with our Lightweight Anatomic Clog. Every curve is crafted to cradle your foot, with anti-shock and anti-slip features making each step secure and comfortable.

With Pavers, you're not just stepping into a pair of clogs - you're stepping into a world where your comfort is our masterpiece, each design an ode to the unique shape and rhythm of your feet.

How to Style Clogs

Denim Jeans

For a classic yet casual look, pair your clogs with jeans - it's a match made in comfort heaven! Opt for a slim or skinny fit to create a sleek silhouette, allowing your clogs to take centre stage. Throw on a soft, oversized sweater or a tailored blouse, and you’ve got an ensemble that effortlessly marries comfort and style. It’s a look that’s as perfect for a relaxed weekend wander as it is for a coffee catch-up with friends.

Long Dresses

Clogs and dresses? Oh, absolutely! This pairing offers a delightful blend of comfort and femininity. Whether it's a breezy floral dress in spring or a cosy knitted number in the chillier months, clogs add that touch of laid-back elegance. Top the look off with a denim jacket or a cosy cardigan, and you're ready to step out in style, radiating a vibe of effortless chic.

Flowy Skirts

Now, let's talk skirts. A pair of clogs teamed with a skirt exudes an air of playful sophistication. For a boho-chic flair, try a flowy midi skirt, or for something more edgy, a mini with a vibrant pattern can do the trick. Add a fitted top or a cosy knit, and voila - you’ve got a look that transitions seamlessly from day to night, keeping your feet happy and your style impeccable!

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