In the Know: Memory Foam Shoes

In the Know: Memory Foam Shoes

What are Memory Foam Shoes?

We’re all looking for a little added comfort in our lives – something that will make our everyday just that bit easier. Enter: memory foam footbeds. If you’re looking for a touch of comfort, tailored to fit your feet, memory foam shoes are a must-have.

When you hear the phrase memory foam you might think about memory foam mattresses. A memory foam mattress works by using the heat from your body to soften and mould to fit and support your body. When the pressure is removed the memory foam bounces back slowly – over time it remembers the shape of your body to provide excellent comfort tailored to you. Hence the name ‘memory’ foam.

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Memory foam insoles in your shoes work just the same way - just in a much smaller and much more portable size than a mattress! To get you started we’ve put together a list of recommended memory foam shoes for women and for men to try out if you’re looking to put a spring in your step. But before we jump into our recommendations, lets explore the benefits of memory foam shoes. 

The important thing to remember with memory foam shoes is that, just as outsoles eventually wear out, so do memory foam insoles. Be sure to keep an eye on your footbed. If you’re not experiencing the same plush comfort, you did when you first slipped on those memory foam wonders – it might be time to replace them!

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We recommend trying on memory foam shoes at home or in store to see how they feel before making your purchase. You can always chat to our friendly staff in store who can help you make the right decision. 

To get you started we’ve put together a list of recommended memory foam shoes for women and for men to try out if you’re looking to put a spring in your step. But before we jump into our recommendations, lets explore the benefits of memory foam shoes. 

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Are Memory Foam Shoes Good for Your Feet?

There are lots of benefits for memory foam footbeds that you might want to consider when looking to purchase a pair. 

Redistribution of Weight 

Because of the way that memory foam works, the weight and balance of each step is distributed across the entirety of the foot rather than in a few specific places, such as the balls of the feet or heel. Memory foam is therefore beneficial for those who experience pain in these problematic pressure points, relieving pain and overall discomfort. 

Are memory foam shoes good for plantar fasciitis? 

Memory foam footbeds can be beneficial to those who struggle with plantar fasciitis, a condition in which the plantar fascia tissue (which connects the heel bone to the bottom of the toes) becomes inflamed or even torn. This causes pain and discomfort across the bottom of the feet. Memory foam can work to alleviate the pressure on the planta fascia – easing the pain and upping the comfort factor. 

Want more information on the best shoes suited to common foot health concerns? Check out The Comfort Hub!

If you’re someone who experiences pain in your feet, particularly pain that makes it difficult to walk, it’s best to seek the advice of your doctor who will be able to help make recommendations based on an individual assessment. 

Shock Absorption

The springy nature of memory foam means it has great shock absorbing properties. With each step the memory foam absorbs the impact of your foot hitting the ground, as well as the downward force when you push off again to take your next step. Shock absorption helps to prevent your feet feeling tired and achy, so you can go about your day with ease. 

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Lightweight and Flexible

Memory foam shoes offer flexible comfort that moves with you, so they won’t restrict your movement as you go about your day. Comfortable, flexible, well-fitting memory foam shoes will help keep you steady on your feet.

Memory foam shoes also tend to be lightweight, while still offering the overall support you need. Because of their lightweight, flexible nature memory foam insoles are perfect for easy-breezy spring and summer slip-on shoes and lace-up trainers, especially when paired with breathable uppers designed to keep your feet cool. 

Look Great – Feel Great!

With memory foam shoes there’s no need to sacrifice on style. From casual trainers to comfortable slip-on shoes, and even cosy slippers, memory foam shoes come in a range of styles to suit any occasion; helping you step out in style and step up the comfort factor. 

Memory Foam Heroes…

Here are our top picks for memory foam shoes designed with comfort and style in mind. 

Best Memory Foam Shoes for Women

Mixing casual style with practical support, these easy breathable slip-on pumps offer a contoured memory foam footbed that’s as soft and light as a feather. 

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  • Memory foam footbed contoured to the shape of the foot for greater support.
  • Combination of breathable upper and structured suede overlay for added heel support.  
  • Simple slip-on design makes for easy wear. 
  • Durable outsole with gripped support and flexibility for greater traction with every step. 

Best Women’s Memory Foam Trainers

Whether you’re popping to the shops or heading out for a breath of fresh air, these stretchy memory foam trainers promise easy wear all day long. 

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  • Easy slip-on design for effortless put on and wear. 
  • Stretchy, breathable upper for added flexibility and freshness. 
  • Anatomic memory foam footbed for greater overall support.  
  • Lightweight, so they won’t weigh you down. 

Best Women’s Memory Foam Slippers

Our embroidered memory foam slippers offer cosy style and all-round adjustable comfort. 

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  • Touch fastening strap for an adjustable fit.  
  • Lightweight, shock absorbing sole to prevent foot fatigue.  
  • Full slipper silhouette with memory foam footbed for cosy all-round comfort.  
  • Machine washable for a quick and easy refresh. 

Best Men’s Memory Foam Trainers

Combining contemporary style with all-day comfort, these slip-on trainers feature a comfort memory foam footbed for springy support.  

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  • Stretch-fit bungee laces for fuss-free, slip-on, adjustable fit.  
  • Lightweight, flexible outsole that won’t slow you down.  
  • Supportive memory foam cushioned footbed for comfortable wear.  
  • Stretchy, breathable upper to keep feet cool and fresh throughout the day. 

Best Men’s Memory Foam Slippers

Simple and stylish, these soft corduroy slippers feature a soft and supportive memory foam footbed for cosy comfortable wear. 

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  • A slip-on style with elasticated vents for easy put on.  
  • Internal lining treated with antibacterial coating to keep your feet feeling fresh and prevent odour. 
  • Flexible sole and memory foam insole for wear that moves with you.  
  • Full slipper for a secure fit. 

Looking for more styles that will put a spring in your step? We’ve got plenty to choose from!

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