If you’re looking for a touch of comfort to make your everyday a little bit easier, our memory foam shoes are a must-have.

Lightweight and ultra-supportive, these are the shoes that will quickly become your new everyday pair.

In the Know: Memory Foam Shoes

Memory foam is one of our all-time hero materials, it works by using the heat of your foot to mould and change its shape. When the pressure from your foot is removed, the memory foam bounces back very slowly, remembering the shape. Hence the name, ‘memory’ foam.

When looking to purchase a new pair of shoes, there are lots of benefits to memory foam insoles that you should consider.

In a pair of memory foam shoes, the weight and balance of each step is distributed across the entirety of the foot, rather than a few specific places. This makes it the ideal choice for those who suffer with pain in the balls of their feet or heel.

The spongy material of memory foam means it is great for shock absorption. With each step, the memory foam absorbs the impact of your foot hitting the ground. Shock absorption helps to prevent your feet feeling tired and achy, so you can go about your day with ease.

Memory foam shoes offer flexible comfort that moves with you, so they won’t restrict your movement. Comfortable and well-fitting shoes will help keep you steady on your feet, for longer.

Memory foam shoes also tend to be lightweight, while still offering the overall support you need. Because of their lightweight, flexible nature memory foam insoles are the perfect choice for easy-breezy spring footwear, especially when paired with breathable uppers designed to keep your feet cool.

We would always recommend trying on memory foam shoes at home or in store to see how they feel before finalising your purchase. You can pop always pop into one of our stores and chat to a member of staff who can help you make the right decision.

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