Holiday Essentials

What Shoes to Take on Holiday?

Packing footwear for a holiday can be a daunting task. Deciding which shoes to take, how many shoes to take, which shoes go with what… It can quickly become all-consuming and very confusing. Then throw in the added difficulties of different foot health issues, such as bunions or swelling, and the task can seem totally overwhelming.

Fear not, we’re here to help.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the best shoes to take on holiday. From savvy packing tips to warm-weather dressing, we’ve covered everything you need to nail your holiday footwear.

Understanding Your Foot Health

The golden rule of packing footwear for any holiday starts with understanding your foot health. Specific foot problems call for specific shoe features, to ensure comfort and avoid worsening your condition. For example, shoes with a wide toe box, good arch support, and adjustable straps are ideal for accommodating bunions and possible swelling. Your shoes should feel comfortable from the moment you put them on to the second you slip them off. The myth that you need to ‘break in’ shoes can lead to unnecessary discomfort.

For more info on what shoes to wear for different foot problems please check out our previous blogs.

Destination Comfort

Pink Loafers

Picture yourself at the beach. The sun is shining, the sand is warm under your feet, and you’re sipping on an ice-cold G&T…. But what type of footwear are you wearing?

  1. Comfortable Sandals: Orthopaedic summer sandals are a lifesaver. Sandals like our EasyFit range, made in a 6E fit, are the perfect partner for those with very wide or swollen feet
  2. Walking Sandals: For those leisurely beachside strolls or exploring the local town, opt for lightweight, breathable walking sandals
  3. Water Shoes: If you plan on frolicking in the waves or exploring rocky shores, water shoes provide protection from sharp objects and hot sand
  4. Flip-Flops: While not recommended for extended wear due to lack of support, flip-flops are always handy for quick trips to the beach or pool
  5. Evening Shoes: For those romantic beachside dinners, choose comfortable, wide-toe holiday sandals. Our selection of slingback sandals encompass both elegance and comfort.

Summer in the City

Heeled Mule Sandals

From bustling cobbled roads to steep streets, we all love a city break. A cheeky weekend away with the girls or your partner, exploring a new place and taking in all the sights and sounds of the city…. But you’d be right in thinking city breaks require a slightly different shoe arsenal.

  1. Summer Trainers: These are your best friend when exploring a new city, especially in the height of summer. Opt for breathable shoes to keep your feet cool. Take a look at our memory foam trainers collection, specially designed to absorb impact whilst moulding to the shape of your feet
  2. Open-Toe Flat Sandals: Stylish, comfortable and versatile, these let your feet breathe while offering much-needed support
  3. Evening Shoes: Choose low-heeled wedges or open-toe pumps that distribute weight evenly, lessening pressure on bunions.

Winter in the City

Heeled Leather Ankle Boots

Winter in the city is a whole different ball game, but the same basic rules apply. Go for comfort, support, and versatility…

  1. Comfortable Walking Shoes: Similar to hot city breaks, but this time opt for insulated shoes to keep your feet warm.
  2. Boots: Comfortable, wide-width boots with a good grip are perfect for colder climates. Why not go for a sleek pair of Chelsea boots? Boots with cushioned insoles will support your feet and keep your toes snug and cosy.
  3. Evening Shoes: For those fancier nights, you could opt for wide-width loafers or low-heeled boots that will give you a subtle lift without compromising on comfort.

Savvy Packing

Now on to the packing itself… A daunting task, but we've got seven helpful tips to help you maximize your suitcase space:

  1. Limit your pairs: Think about the activities you'll be doing and select versatile shoes that can work for multiple occasions. A good rule of thumb is to bring three pairs: one casual/sporty, one for walking, and one for evenings or more formal occasions.
  2. Wear your bulkiest pair: Save space by wearing them during travel.
  3. Stuff your shoes: Use the empty space inside your shoes to pack small items like socks or underwear. This not only saves space but also helps the shoes maintain their shape during travel.
  4. Pack shoes in bags: Keep your clothes clean by packing each pair in a shoe bag or reusable plastic bag.
  5. Alternate your shoes: Pack them heel to toe for optimal space utilization.
  6. Consider packing cubes: These keep your suitcase organized and optimize space.
  7. Flat shoes where possible: Consider packing shoes that are collapsible or that lay flat, such as flip flops or ballet flats. These types of shoes are perfect for fitting in the nooks and crannies of your suitcase.

Don’t Take a Holiday from Foot Care

Our final tip to enjoy a pain-free holiday is to keep up with your foot care. Cooling foot cream or gel could provide some relief after a long day of walking and sightseeing, and if your feet tend to swell, elevating them at the end of the day can help move the extra fluid back towards your heart. Here’s a list of our go-to footcare:

  1. Cooling Foot Gel or Cream: After a day of adventure, treat your feet to a soothing rub (or, even better, get your partner to treat your feet to a soothing rub!)
  2. Toe Separators for Bunion Relief: These can provide much-needed relief after a long day on your feet.
  3. Compression Socks: Helpful in reducing swelling during travel, a must-have for long-hall flights.
  4. Daily Foot Exercises: Point those toes! Include foot and toe stretches in your morning routine to enhance circulation and flexibility.
  5. Elevate Your Feet: After a long day of sightseeing, elevate your feet to help reduce swelling.

But finally, as you embark on your holiday, remember that the main goal is to relax and have fun. By choosing the right footwear and taking care of your feet, you'll be set to enjoy every moment of your adventure.

Have fun and safe travels!