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Do I Need Wide Fit Shoes?

In our little corner of the internet, we're often asked about the perfect fit for our lovely customers. The topic that stands out in most of these conversations? You guessed it, wide-fitting shoes. Let's step into the world of extra roomy footwear together.

Think about that sigh of relief when you finally kick off a pair of pinching shoes at the end of a long day. We've all been there. Wide fit shoes are like a breath of fresh air for your feet, designed to provide that extra room and comfort, so your toes can wiggle freely all day long.

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A Perfect Fit: Do I Need Wide Fit Shoes?

Remember that time when you saw the most beautiful pair of shoes, but when you tried them on, they felt as if they were two sizes too small? Or, worse yet, you bought them and squeezed into them daily, hoping they'd magically expand. If this story sounds familiar, you might be in need of wide-fitting shoes.

Ask the Expert

Dexter Lynch

Our resident Quality and Technical Manager, Dexter Lynch, shares his expertise on the benefits of wide-fitting shoes.

“If after trying on several pairs of ‘standard’ fitting shoes and finding them tight, uncomfortable, or both, it would be beneficial to look at some wider fitting options... You spend so much time in shoes that your feet need to be comfortable. A shoe needs to be secure to the foot without feeling tight in either length or width. A wider more comfortable shoe reduces the risk of problems caused by tight shoes such as blisters or sores, which can lead to future foot deformities.”

The Benefits of Extra Room: How Can Wide Fit Shoes Help?

When shoes fit perfectly, we're in balance, both literally and metaphorically. Wide fit shoes allow your feet to spread out naturally, reducing pressure on your joints. Imagine it as the difference between squeezing into a crowded train carriage during rush hour, compared to enjoying the spacious comfort of a leisurely Sunday morning ride. That's how your feet feel when you provide them with extra room.

Wearing wide-fitting shoes has other added benefits, for example, minimising the risk of blisters or corns. Tight shoes can often cause increased friction, which leads to irritating and painful rubbing. This rubbing can create sore blisters, which are painful and can take a few days to heel. In more serious conditions this can create corns or calluses. Wearing wide fit shoes that fit the foot comfortably will reduce the chance of this friction.

Wide-fitting shoes may also help you avoid getting cramp. Shoes which are too tight can help to contribute to this as the muscles have less room to flex and move and can become tense and constricted. A wider shoe will ensure the muscles have enough room to relax, contract and flex naturally.

Another added benefit of wearing wide shoes is hammertoe prevention, which starts with wearing quality, comfortable shoes. Hammertoes are formed when shoes put pressure on the feet causing problems to develop around the joints and can lead to a mild deformity which gets continually worse. Wearing shoe styles that give the toes ample ‘wiggle room’ will reduce the chances of this happening.

Wide Fit Size Guide: What Size is Right for Me?

“Shoes with a width fit of D, I would consider a slimmer fit”

“Shoes with E-F width fit are more of a standard fit.

"Shoes with a G-H fitting are best for wider fitting feet.”
Our range of wide fitting shoes have a wider footbed, to allow your foot to spread naturally. Although, there’s a level of stretch in both natural and synthetic uppers, if your usual size feels tight, consider sizing up. If your usual size feels too big, add an insock, which effectively takes a ½ size out of the fitting.”

The Best of Both Worlds: What are Dual Multi-Fit Shoes?

Adjustable Sandals

You might ask, "What if my feet are wide, but not THAT wide?" Enter, dual multi-fit shoes. These hidden gems are perfect for those of us whose feet fluctuate in width. With adjustable, touch-fasten straps, multi-fitting shoes are kind of like choosing between a snug jumper or opting for a looser one on those 'let-it-all-hang-out' days.

The Cherry on Top: What are Removable Insoles?

Ever wished you could simply remove the discomfort from your shoes like you throw off your uncomfortable hat? Well, we can't help with the hat, but we can with shoes. With removable insoles, you can take out the parts that don't serve your feet and replace them with custom inserts that fit like a dream. It's all about making your shoes truly your own.

Conclusion: Taking the Next Step

Just like how everyone has their favourite flavour of ice cream (I mean, who can resist double chocolate?), everyone has a perfect shoe fit that makes them feel like they're walking on clouds. And sometimes, that might be a wider fit than what you're used to.

We hope this has shed some light on the world of wide fit shoes. The bottom line? Listen to your feet. They do an incredible job of carrying you through life's journey. So, treat them with kindness, give them the space they need, and they'll thank you by keeping you comfortable and pain-free.

So, don't hesitate! Step into comfort with Pavers, and discover our world of shoes that not only fit but also feel fantastic. After all, every great journey begins with a single, comfortable step.

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