Struggling to find shoes for wide feet? Meet our extra-wide range, for wider sizes up to a G fit.

Our extra-wide Fit shoes are designed to cater to individuals who require a little more room and support for their feet.

In the Know: Extra-wide Fit

We understand that shopping for comfortable extra-wide shoes can be a tricky task. You might even be tempted to go for a pair of shoes that aren’t quite wide enough, leading to shoes that pinch and rub your feet. There’s no need for that at Pavers. We have a large collection of extra-wide fitting shoes, six times wider than our regular wide fitting shoes. For women, our extra-wide fit comes in a 6E fit, for men, it comes in a size H fit.

Our extra-wide fitting shoes and slippers are perfect for those who have extremely swollen and sensitive feet. Extra-wide shoes with adjustability features, such as double touch-fasten straps, or lace up shoes and boots, allow you to alter the fit of your shoe as the day goes on. Because our feet swell throughout the day, shoes that feel comfortable in the morning, may feel more restrictive in the evening time.

In addition to this, extra-wide shoes are great for, not only adding width, but also a little more depth to your shoe. This allows you to introduce an insole for extra protection and padding, which may help alleviate the pain of corns or bunions.

We’ve got a whole host of extra-wide fitting shoes, for a range of different occasions. From formal lace-up shoes to everyday ankle boots, you’ll find your perfect fit for every activity.

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