Women's Comfy Trainers

Find a pair of faithful womens trainers, from effortless slip-on trainers to lace-up trainer styles, our collection of ladies trainers will take your casual style to new levels of comfort. From lightweight and shock-ab…

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How should trainers fit?

First thing’s first, your trainers should fit comfortably, so they shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, too big or too small. We recommend having your feet measured to determine your exact size and be sure to walk around in your trainers wearing the socks you would normally wear. Pay attention to any rubbing or discomfort as this can indicate you need a larger size. Did you know that your feet swell during the day? So, it’s best to try your trainers on at the end of the day.

Do trainers stretch?

Trainers don’t stretch, but through frequent wear they do mould to fit the shape of your foot. So, if your trainers should feel a little tight, we would recommend spritzing them with a little shoe stretching spray and wearing them around the house to encourage a better fit. If your trainers are still too tight try filling your trainers with clean socks so that they are full, leave over night and they should feel a little looser in the morning.

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