Comfortable Work Shoes

A Guide to Comfortable Work Shoes

Work can be demanding on your feet so it’s essential to find a pair comfortable work shoes that suit your needs and your workplace dress code. 

Smart shoes that strike the balance between comfort and a clean-cut style are ideal for the office. Ballet pumps, loafers, block, and wide-fit heels can provide all day comfort, taking your mind off aches and pains so you can concentrate on doing your best work. 

For nurses and other occupations, where you’re constantly on your feet, a simple slip-on style, such as slip-on trainers or wide-fit pumps, boasting all the top comfort features might be a better fit.

In this easy guide we’ve summed up everything you need to know when looking for your next working wonders. Whether you’re looking for a pair of black flat shoes for the office or comfortable work shoes for retail, the best work shoes for nurses, or a few tips on how to make shoes comfortable for work – we’ve got it covered.

Comfortable Shoes for Standing All Day

Work Shoes for Women

There are a few key things to look out for when considering whether a pair of shoes will work for you. We’ve put together a handy checklist to help you on your way.

Note: if you’re experiencing pain that makes it hard to walk or stand, at work or otherwise, its important to speak to your doctor.

1) Fit

Comfortable work shoes will have plenty of space around the toes. We don’t tend to notice, but our feet swell throughout the day. This is especially true for occupations and activities where most of the time is spent standing or walking. This doesn’t mean work shoes should be loose fitting – just that there should be enough room to accommodate the fluctuating size of your feet throughout the day. For this reason, consider a wide-fit and look for soft-square or rounded toe silhouettes.

2) Breathable

Material matters. A comfortable work shoe should be breathable, meaning that it absorbs and releases moisture into the atmosphere. This helps prevent the build-up on of moisture and any odours. Look for leather or sports knit uppers or shoes with other means of ventilation such as air-cushioned soles.

3) Arch Support

Arch support keeps the feet in the correct position, preventing pronation (heels rolling inwards), which can put a stop to niggling aches and pains. Arch support appears as a raised bump on the interior side of the shoe, where the arch of the foot is meant to sit. Arch support is particularly important for anyone who struggles with flat feet.

For more information, why not visit the Comfort Hub?

4) Cushioned Insoles

Cushioned insoles provide a layer of comfort underfoot. Some shoes boast memory foam insoles, which are made of a specific type of foam that moulds over time to fit the wearer’s feet, making them a comfortable choice for work.

5) Durable & Flexible

A good pair of work shoes will be made of durable, flexible material, such as leather or sports knit.

A flexible sole is one that can bend to accommodate the movement of the foot. To test the flexibility of a shoe’s sole, bend the heel and toe of the towards each other. When pushed together, the two ends of a shoe with a flexible sole will start to take on a ‘V’ shape. A rubber or synthetic sole, such as a trainer sole, will have the durability and flexibility needed for comfortable work shoes.

6) Grip

Wherever and whatever you do for work, consider getting a pair of work shoes with traction outsoles. From hospital titles to warehouse concrete, to carpeted office spaces, traction soles will help you walk with confidence.

How to Make Shoes More Comfortable for Work

If you already have a pair of shoes for work and you’re looking to make them more comfortable, there are a few things you can do to up the comfort factor.

If you’re experiencing sore feet after standing on your them all day, you might want to add an extra layer of cushioning. Gel pads, cushioned insoles, and extra arch supports can be inserted into your shoes to add another layer of protection and prevent soreness.

Socks can also help to prevent irritated skin and prevent rubbing. This is particularly true for socks that are cotton rich. Cotton rich socks are also more breathable than polyester and help prevent the build up of sweat. For low profile shoes, such as ballet shoes and loafers, it’s still a good idea to wear socks for comfort and hygiene reasons. In case you want to keep the clean-cut profile of your ballet flats or loafers, you can always opt for invisible socks.

Comfortable Heels for Work

Heeled Mary Janes

Suitable for smart dressing, these block heeled shoes offer premium comfort.


  • Lightweight, sturdy stacked heel
  • Padded cuff for added comfort and to prevent rubbing
  • Secure fit and fastening around the foot
  • Supportive, cushioned footbed for comfortable wear

Comfortable Court Shoes for Work

Comfortable Court Shoes

Coming in both black and navy to cover the bases, these heeled court shoes have all the features of a comfortable pair of heels for work.


  • Roomy rounded toe-box
  • Cushioned footbeds with added arch support
  • Sturdy low block heels for comfortable wear
  • Slip resistant outsoles for confidence with every step

Comfortable Wedge Shoes for Work

Black Wedge Shoes

The wedge of these wide fit heels will afford your work looks a boost, while also keeping you steady on your feet.


  • Soft leather uppers and lining
  • Elasticated insert for easy slip-on and flexible wear
  • Padded cuff for to prevent rubbing
  • Cushioned insole and added arch support

Comfortable Pumps for Work

Lightweight Pumps

Form and function meet in these classic ballerinas, making them the perfect black flat pumps for work.


  • Roomy rounded toe-box
  • Cushioned insole for a supportive fit and comfortable wear
  • Robust and durable outsole
  • Leather lining for breathable wear

Comfortable Trainers for Work

Lightweight Slip on Trainers

These slip-on trainers are a perfect choice for anyone looking for reliable, flexible comfort throughout the working day.


  • Flexible, breathable uppers for an exacting fit all day long
  • Wide fit with a rounded toe design
  • Deep cushioned leather insoles for comfort underfoot
  • Shock absorbing midsole to reduce the impact of each step and prevent soreness

Still not sure? Pop into one of our stores where one of our friendly team members will be able to help you find the right fit.

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