A Unique Combination of Comfort, Fit and Style

Welcome to the Comfort Hub. Here, you’ll find our range of cosy and classic footwear, combined with all our premium comfort features, helping your feet find relief with every step.

Explore features such as memory foam insoles, wide fit designs, arch support and adjustability. Together, we’ll find your perfect fit.

Wide Fit

We’ve gone to great lengths to bring you wide fitting shoes, specially formulated to feel comfortable in a foot flattering style, creating the perfect fit every time.

Memory Foam

Our memory foam shoes are designed to mould to the contours of your feet, increasing your comfort and supporting the natural shape of your foot.

Arch Support

Our arch support footwear is designed to fit and support the natural shape of your foot, improving stability and enhancing your comfort.


Our lightweight shoe collections offer optimal comfort, delivering an ultra-lightweight and extremely flexible choice of footwear, designed to keep you on the go, all day long.

Extra-Wide Fit

Fitting up to extra-wide H, these shoes are designed especially for those with additional fitting requirements, specifically purposed to give your feet a little extra wiggle room.

Double Strap

We know, one size doesn’t fit all. Our range of double strap adjustable shoes are a real saviour for those who need to tailor their shoes to fit their foot shape.

Imbox Terms & Conditions

Imbox Treatment is non refundable. If you choose to return your goods, the price of the Imbox treatment will not be refunded.

If the goods are found to be faulty and returned, imbox treatment will be refunded.

If the product has been damaged by the imbox treatment then we will exchange the product and refund the imbox treatment charge.