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Best Shoes for Standing All Day

When your job or lifestyle involves long periods of time on your feet, whether that is standing still or walking - having comfortable and supportive shoes is a must. Being on your feet all day can put your feet under a lot of stress and pressure, especially if done multiple days in a row, so we always recommend giving your feet some TLC when you can. Wearing shoes that lack the proper support isn’t just a recipe for immediate discomfort, but it can also invite long-term foot issues and joint pains. That’s where we step in, with a curated collection of footwear that doesn’t just pamper your feet but also gives you the style to step into any scene with confidence. Dive into our roundup of top picks, each pair a blend of comfort, support, and style, crafted for those marathon days on your feet.

What to Look for in Your All-Day Footwear...

Cushioning Comfort:

Let's kick things off with the absolute essentials – cushioning. It’s the pillow-like softness underfoot that makes every step feel like you’re walking on air. For those standing all day, cushioned insoles aren’t just nice to have, they’re a lifesaver!

Sturdy Support:

We're talking arch support that stands by you, literally! It lends a helping hand to those feet, making sure every stand and step is stable and balanced. If the arch is happy, trust us, the whole foot’s in a good mood!


Let’s give those feet a breath of fresh air! Shoes that boast breathability ensure that your feet stay cool and fresh, even during those long, endless days. It’s like a breeze in every step.

Adjustable Fit:

We all fancy a bit of personal touch, don’t we? Adjustable straps or laces mean you can tailor the fit to your own comfort, securing your feet snugly, yet giving them the freedom to breathe.

Shock Absorption:

For those moments when you’re not just standing but stepping, a bit of shock absorption goes a long way. It’s the unsung hero that minimises the impact on your joints. Every step is a soft landing.

Quality Materials:

We believe in treating feet with the respect they deserve. Quality materials are not just about durability, but also about gracing your feet with the soft touch and comfort they’ve earned.

Non-Slip Sole:

Safety first, always! A sole that grips is like a friend that never lets you down. It’s about stepping with confidence, knowing you’re supported every step of the way.

Style Points:

Because who said comfortable shoes can’t be stylish? We're all about that magical blend where comfort meets style. For us, it’s not a myth, it’s a mantra!

So, there you have it, the essential attributes that turn a pair of shoes into a sanctuary for your feet. For those marathons of standing, walking, and everything in between, arm your feet with the comfort and support they deserve, and let every step be a stride of joy. Happy feet, happy you!

What are the Best Shoes for Nurses?

When it comes to selecting footwear for nurses, there are a few golden rules to ensure comfort and safety during those bustling shifts. A pair with unwavering support is paramount; considering the hours spent on the move, shoes with enhanced arch support can be a game changer, offering a sturdy foundation for every stride. The unpredictability of hospital floors makes a non-slip sole another essential, ensuring stability with every step.

Combine this with cushioned comfort, and you’ve got a pair that feels as gentle as a nurse's touch. Opt for insoles that cushion and contour to the feet, offering a bespoke comfort experience. And let’s not forget breathability – in a world where every moment counts, shoes that offer a breath of fresh air are a must, keeping feet refreshed and ready for action. Lightweight design and ease of cleaning are the final cherries on top, ensuring the shoes are as agile and easy to maintain as the nurses they serve. At Pavers, we’re devoted to matching the unwavering commitment of nurses with footwear that offers a mix of comfort, safety, and style, every step of the way.


A popular option for those with demanding roles like nursing is a reliable pair of trainers, prized for their blend of comfort and functionality. Trainers, often designed with advanced comfort technologies owing to their athletic origins, are tailored for prolonged periods of wear, making them a top pick for professionals constantly on their feet. A stellar example would be Skechers' GOwalk Joy Trainers, whose design intricacies go beyond the ordinary.

These trainers aren't just about style; they're engineered for optimal comfort. With an effortless pull-on profile, getting ready for a shift becomes a breeze. The innovative 5GEN midsole design paired with the Skechers Goga Max insole means every step is cushioned, delivering comfort that lasts the entire day. What sets these trainers apart is their responsive design; the mesh upper is crafted to naturally expand and adapt to the foot’s movements, a feature particularly beneficial for those who experience foot swelling during extended periods of standing.

Moreover, the adaptability of the trainers is complemented by their breathability, ensuring feet stay refreshed and comfortable, reducing the risk of moisture build-up and related discomfort. Durability and ease of maintenance are also crucial, ensuring that the trainers not only stand the test of time but are also easy to clean and maintain, aligning with the hygiene standards expected in a healthcare environment.


Clogs are another footwear style that has garnered a following among nurses, celebrated for their comfort and ease of wear. Fly Flot is a brand synonymous with this level of comfort, crafting clogs that stand up to the demands of long, active days. The Anatomic Wide Fit Clogs for Women, in particular, are a favourite, crafted for those who appreciate a bit more wiggle room for their feet.

These clogs, with their classic slip-on design, are a time-saver for busy professionals who need to get ready quickly. Their design is as thoughtful as it is practical; the anatomically shaped insole honours the natural contours of the foot, promising not just comfort but also support where it’s needed the most. The self-moulding footbed is another highlight, adapting to the wearer’s feet over time to provide a customised fit, a feature that enhances comfort during prolonged wear.

But Fly Flot goes a step further with a shock-absorbing sole, a detail that transforms the clogs into a bastion of comfort. It's not just the feet that benefit – the support extends to the joints, mitigating the impact of spending extended hours on one’s feet. Every feature is meticulously crafted to ensure that nurses, who give their all in caring for others, receive the comfort and support they need in return. In the bustling world of healthcare, where long hours and constant movement are the norm, these clogs are a reliable ally, ensuring that comfort is one less thing for nurses to worry about.

How to Prepare Your Feet for a Long Day

Preparing your feet for a long day begins with giving them the variety and rest they need. It's tempting to have that one pair of ultra-comfortable shoes that you reach for day after day but resist the urge. Every shoe has its own unique support and structure, and alternating between pairs ensures your feet are not subjected to the same pressure points continuously. This practice also allows your shoes to air out, preserving their form and integrity, ensuring each pair lasts longer and performs better.

Your shoes are more than a fashion statement; they’re a sanctuary for your feet. Over time, even the most resilient cushioning can compress, diminishing the support and comfort they offer. By rotating between pairs, you ensure that each shoe maintains its cushioning and support features, safeguarding your comfort and foot health.

Being proactive is also key. If there are areas on your feet prone to blisters or discomfort, take preventive steps. Apply plasters or a dab of petroleum jelly to reduce friction and protect your skin. Choose socks that wick away moisture to keep your feet dry and reduce the risk of blisters.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of foot care. Treat your feet to regular moisturizing and consider foot soaks to relax and revive them, especially after a particularly long day. Pay attention to any signs of discomfort, and address them promptly. Your feet are your foundation, and taking the time to care for them ensures they are ready to support you, step by step, day after day.

How to Care for Your Feet after a Long Day

After spending a long day on your feet, they deserve a dose of pampering to rejuvenate and repair. Begin this restorative process by immersing your tired feet in a warm water soak infused with a few drops of baby oil or essential oils. This soothing blend not only offers relaxation but also works effectively to soften any toughened skin. Allow your feet to bask in this comfort for about ten minutes - an ideal moment to lose yourself in the pages of a good book or the calming tones of your favourite music.

For those desiring an intensified pampering experience, indulging in a bath enriched with a quality foot scrub can elevate the rejuvenation process. The act of exfoliating aids in sloughing away dead skin cells, revealing softer and smoother skin beneath.

As you lift your feet from their soak, be meticulous in drying them, paying careful attention to each foot and the spaces in between your toes to prevent any moisture retention. Following this, nourish your skin by massaging in a generous amount of moisturiser. Begin with a modest quantity, augmenting as needed to ensure thorough hydration.

Should you seek to amplify this nurturing experience, consider slipping your feet into our moisturising spa gel socks. Imbued with hydrating oils, these gems are crafted to combat the onset of hard skin and cracked heels, promising a future of supple, well-nourished feet. Being washable and reusable, they are poised to be constant companions in your subsequent pampering sessions.

For a comprehensive guide on executing the quintessential at-home pedicure and insights on the unique comfort propositions of Pavers shoes, feel free to explore our comfort hub, or take a look at our other blogs.

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