Lightweight footwear holds the key to comfort for long days on your feet. We're proud to offer a wide selection of lightweight shoes that are designed to meet your every need. Check out our recommendations for lightweight footwear below.

In the Know: Lightweight Footwear

Lightweight shoes well-loved for their ease to wear and comfortable design. We have a wide range of lightweight footwear, to step you through a variety of different occasions.

If you have a job that involves spending a lot of time on your feet, it’s important you pick your footwear wisely. Heavy shoes are more likely to rub your feet, cause fallen arches, lead to secondary injuries to the knees or spine, and even strain ligaments or muscles in the feet and legs. Supportive and lightweight shoes can help reduce the risk of injury and muscle strain. Read on, to learn more about the benefits of lightweight footwear.

Lightweight shoes and trainers are often crafted in a way to improve ventilation. Their foam insole makes each step feel lighter and allows your feet to breathe, which allows for an easier walking experience.

Picking a pair of lightweight shoes can give you maximum support, perfect for running or exercising in general. It’s important to pay attention to the arch of the shoe, as well as the material. If the material is thicker, then it is more likely to give you optimal support.

If you work within the hospitality or healthcare industry, you’ll know how important it is to have comfortable yet presentable footwear. Our lightweight trainers or clogs are ideal for these roles. They both have a closed toe design, making them perfect for avoiding spills and slips. In addition to this, many of our clogs have a waterproof and wipeable design, which makes them the optimal choice for hygiene purposes.

Overall, picking a pair of lightweight shoes results in better foot health and happier feet in general.

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