Men's Oxford Shoes

Often thought of as the smartest of shoe styles, the men’s Oxford shoe is a fantastic choice for smart, formal and professional settings alike. With styles crafted from beautiful quality leather and supple suedes, as w…

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What are Oxford shoes?

Oxford shoes are formal dress shoes for men, characterised with a clean and simple silhouette they feature a classic lace-up design. Considered the most elegant of all shoes, the Oxford shoe is a smart choice for formal occasions like work and weddings.

How to wear Oxford shoes

Perfect for a range of smart and formal looks, the Oxford is the ideal shoe to wear with a smart tailored suit. Go for a classic black pair of Oxfords with your smart black trousers or wear light tan Oxford shoes with your blue tailoring for a smart casual occasion.

How to tie Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes have different lacing to derby shoes, and the most traditional way to tie your Oxfords is to lace them horizontally, like rungs on a ladder. 1. Thread your laces through the bottom eyelets on top of the leather and ensure you have equal lengths for the ends of your laces. 2. Begin to thread the first end of your laces through to the back of second eyelet and then through to the second eyelet on the opposite side. 3. Take the second end of the laces and thread this through to the back of the third eyelet and repeat the previous step until you’re all laced up.

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