Our double strap shoes feature cushioned insoles and supportive soles, ensuring that your feet remain comfortable throughout the day. With our collection of double strap shoes, you can enjoy the perfect fit every time.

In the Know: Double Strap

For those who need extra options, shoes with a double strap are a must. Having the option to tighten or loosen your footwear can make a big impact on your comfort throughout the day. Finding shoes that fit swollen feet can be tricky, but shoes with a discrete touch-fasten double strap are ideal for days when you need to easily adjust your footwear to fit your shape.

In addition to this, it’s absolutely vital that your shoes provide a good level of support, so you can complete your daily activities without causing any damage to your feet. Adjustability plays a key role in this. It’s important to be able to adjust your shoes to the correct fit to prevent your feet from sliding around inside your shoe, as this may cause the shifting of bones and soft tissues, offsetting many orthopaedic problems. Here at Pavers, we have a wide range of full adjustable shoes and slippers that come in a variety of fits and sizes, including slippers and trainers.

Slippers with double strap fastenings are ideal for those with swollen feet, not only can you customise the fit to support your feet, but touch-fasten slippers offer a wide opening so you can simply step in and out of them.

Trainers have become one of the most essential forms of footwear recently. Comfortable and stylish, they’re the shoes you can wear with pretty much everything, even your smart trousers and dresses. But that doesn’t mean you need to opt for fiddly laces, pick up a pair of double strap trainers and you’ll find your perfect fit, every time.

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