The Best Winter Boots

The Best Winter Boots

Winter has well and truly hit with full force. Bitter winds and freezing temperatures have swept the UK, leaving us reluctant to leave our cosy homes. But spring is coming and we must venture out. 

Whether you’re out on a snowy hike or simply meeting a couple of friends in the pub, there is no denying the importance of a pair of warm winter boots!

Designed to keep you dry and comfortable, while also getting you noticed, our snow and winter boot collection will keep you going, from wet Monday mornings to those crisp winter afternoons.  

3 tips for buying winter boots

Shopping for boots is often one of life’s more enjoyable tasks. But, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’ve put together our three top tips for buying winter boots. 

Gripped Winter Boots

1. Check the sole

You want boots with a thick but lightweight rubber sole. Boots with a large amount of traction will stop you from slipping around in the snow or ice. 

Check out these winter boots, made with a lightweight sole they feature deep grips to help keep you steady on your feet.

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Gripped Winter Boots

2. What are they made out of?

The material of the boot’s upper is key to having toasty toes. 

Natural materials, such as wool, give the best breathable insulation. But you should also consider whether your boots are waterproof or water resistant. For example, our wide fit snow boots, which have a quilted boots shaft for effective insultation. 

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Winter Wellies

3.  Comfort is key 

Finally, you should always check the insole of the boots have a cushioned footbed or extra padding for shock absorption. When it comes to boots, it’s always best to shop in store to try them on. You want to have a little extra space to fit thicker socks and allow the warm air to circulate inside the boot. 

These wellington boots are especially made for wide fitting feet and are easy to pull on with the help of the stretchy shaft. 

The best boots to wear in winter

To save you scrolling, we’ve put together a guide of the best winter boots we think you’ll love this season…

Best Snow Boots for Women

The cosy one 

Ideal for a leisurely strolls or a quick catch up over coffee, your feet will be kept snug and toasty with these snow boots by Xti. With an elevated chunky sole, these cosy boots will lift you high out those freezing puddles. 

Why we love them: 

Created with a high-shine finish, with a thick padded upper, these boots are perfect for snow days. 

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Best boots for bad weather

The all-weather one  

These classic lace-ups are the best boots for your early morning commute. The light and flexible sole and padded footbed will keep you on the go all day long. Made from elegant black leather, these boots are the perfect accompaniment to both jeans and dresses. 

Why we love them: 

Created from a smooth and subtle leather, these boots have a gripped tread, which will make those icy mornings seem a lot less slippery. 

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Best fleece-lined boots

The fleece-lined one  

Practical and stylish, these fleece-lined biker boots tackle frosty mornings head on. Although these feisty boots may appear tough, they have a flexible sole and an inviting knitted cuff to keep your feet light and your toes cosy.

Why we love them: 

These hardy biker boots are the ideal winter boot. Sturdy and durable, they’ll take you from chilly days and into spring. 

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Best walking boots

The practical one  

Find comfort and support in these walking  boots, made by Relife. Perfect for a more casual winter occasion, these cushioned boots are specially designed for ladies with extra wide feet. The fleece-like lining and knitted cuff will keep your feet feeling comfy and cuddled all day long.

Why we love them: 

The hidden zip allows these boots to be easily pulled on, whilst the felted cuff provides an extra layer of protection from the cold. 

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Best wellington boots

The waterproof one  

Stay dry this winter with our fur trimmed wellie boots. An absolute must for those wet and wild dog walks, these boots are equipped to deal with all the elements. From there waterproof upper and easy pull on design, to their cleated sole for better grip, these shoes will be your new best friend this winter. 

Why we love them: 

These boots provide a more stylish, cosier alternative to the typical wellington boot. They’ll keep you warm and dry throughout the winter and into spring.

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Best Skechers boots for women

The lightweight one  

Made with high quality leather and a lightweight flatform sole, these lace up ankle boots by Skechers will have you bouncing through the puddles. Perfect for a day of winter exploration, they're made with high quality leather and feature a super cosy fur trim.

Why we love them: 

Cosy and comfortable, these winter boots tick all the boxes. The classic Skechers lightweight sole and shock-absorbing midsole allows you to stride for miles, these will quickly become your go-to boot.

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