What shoes can you wear in the rain?

What shoes can you wear in the rain?

British weather is always impossible to predict, showers and spells of sunshine are likely to go hand in hand, so as we step through the colder months you need the very best shoes to wear in the rain. Now we don’t necessarily mean you need to don your wellington boots for the inevitable downpour, you can still retain your style and comfort for the day ahead, no matter your plans.

Whether you’re searching for the best shoes for rain or pondering how to keep your boots dry in a downpour, our need-to-know guide has all the bases covered, whatever the weather. 

How to keep your shoes dry in the rain

We all know that taking a little care of your footwear will make them last for even longer, so what is the best way to keep your shoes dry in the rain? Dressing for rainy days requires a little extra planning, especially when it comes to keeping comfortable and stylish! Look to our top tips for keeping your shoes dry in the rain:

How to waterproof your shoes

A water protecting spray  is the best way to keep your shoes dry in rain, a good quality spray can be used on shoes made from leather, suede, and textile too, but it’s always best to check the label before you make a start.


  1. Clean your shoes first. Unless they are a brand-new pair, it’s likely your shoes will have picked up a little dirt through general wear which can prevent the waterproof treatment from fixing to your shoes, so take some time to give them a good clean first.
  2. Leave your shoes to fully dry, if they have previously got wet, or you have just cleaned your shoes, leave them to air dry and stuff them with newspaper to soak up any excess moisture. If your shoes are already wet the waterproofing material will not be able to soak in properly.
  3. Apply the waterproofing spray in even layers, pay attention to any seams as this is the most likely place for shoes to leak. Make sure you lay out some newspaper to protect any surfaces.
  4. For the best results wait around 24 hours before wearing your shoes, this will give enough time for your shoes to fully dry.
  5. Even the best waterproofing spray will wear out eventually, so for the best results, treat your shoes every six weeks.


IMBOX Weather Protection

Did you know you can waterproof your shoes before you’ve even bought them? IMBOX sprays your shoes with total waterproofing protection, giving that ‘just new’ look for even longer. It helps to repel water, oil, and mud, while keeping your shoes just as breathable as before. Just select IMBOX shoe care protection when shopping online or enquire about it in-store.

How to care for wet shoes

If your shoes got soaked while you were wearing them, there are some tricks you can try that will care for your shoes:


  1. It’s important to change out of your wet shoes as soon as you are able.
  2. Remove any laces or insoles.
  3. Stuff your shoes with crumpled newspaper to wick away any excess moisture. This will also help to retain the shape of your shoes and reduce the chance of leather shoes shrinking.
  4. Leave your shoes to air dry, applying heat to dry your shoes can cause lasting damage, especially to materials such as leather.
  5. It’s best to leave things like wet mud to dry naturally before attempting to clean your shoes, if you try to clean them when wet it could cause dirt and mud to be rubbed into your shoes causing stains. A stiff shoe brush or dry cloth will help the dirt to flake off.
  6. Apply a waterproof shoe spray to your dry footwear.


Should you wear suede shoes in the rain?

Wearing suede shoes in the rain is something that should be avoided where possible, especially in the autumn and winter months. When soft leather like suede gets wet it contracts and can leave you with a badly fitting pair that is at risk of cracking when you next wear them.

Rainy days can’t always be avoided especially here in the UK where surprise showers are common! We recommend that you invest in a good waterproofing spray for your suede shoes, not only will offer effective protection against the rain, but it will also help build up a barrier against grit and dirt which can stain suede shoes.

Can you wear leather shoes in the rain?

Leather is a popular material for shoes and boots because it offers excellent durability. Leather is a porous material, which means, when untreated they can soak up water quickly, causing the leather to become brittle and damaged, this can eventually lead to the leather cracking across your shoes where they are most worn. 

To offer the best protection against rain and snow, it’s important you treat your leather shoes with a waterproofing spray. Not only will this help to keep your shoes (and ultimately your feet) dry in a down pour, but it will prevent water and salt marks appearing on your footwear when they dry out.

Can you wear canvas shoes in the rain?

Just like suede and leather shoes, canvas shoes and trainers can soak up water very quickly, which can cause your footwear to rub or feel heavy. For the best protection against rain and showers, apply waterproofing spray to the upper. It’s worth noting that textile shoes, like running trainers are built to be breathable, so even when waterproofed, water can seep through mesh panels and sport knits.

What are the best shoes to wear in the rain?

It’s always best to be prepared for a spot of rain, especially in the UK! This line-up of water-resistant shoes and waterproof boots will keep the drizzle and downpours at bay, while of course keeping you looking and feeling fabulous, so you don’t even have to save them for a rainy day!

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For Men

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